A Few Great Target Finds, According to Two Shopaholics

Cool, cozy and comforting finds that designer Jana Lam and I found. Spoiler alert: we’re ready to zap some ghosts, stylishly of course.

I love my fashion friends; they’re always ready to support my crazy ideas. So, since we all live and die for Target, I wrangled up lifestyle designer Jana Lam for a shopping trip. Of course, we spent a good two hours trying to narrow down seasonal snacks, books, home décor and fashion. (Mahalo to the dressing room team members for not laughing at our blue-steel catwalks and back-to-the-’90s outfit montages.) After many laughs and accessory swaps, here’s what we landed on—and, actually bought for the season that’s magically calming and charming.


Target Shopping

Jana Lam and I in our own clothes, then in our Target finds, Universal Threads jumpsuits, $39 each. Photo courtesy of Jana Lam.


We both love a good jumpsuit, so when it fit both of us perfectly, (ummm, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment), we knew this would be our fashion find. It fits all body types, especially shorter frames, and the cinch at the waist, puffed sleeves and deep-V collar takes it from Ghostbusters feels to get-it-girl vibes. The muted hues whisper fall, and adding of-the-moment accessories amplifies the seasonal energy. Jana went more Real Housewives of Aspen, while I went with a shopping-on-a-Saturday-in-SoHo route.


Target Shopping

Our book picks: “Love That Story” by Jonathon Ven Ness, $27.99; “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, $17; “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey, $30; “Loving People Who Are Hard to Love” by Joyce Meyers, $28. Photo courtesy of Jana Lam.


We both love fall because it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with a good read and soul-soothing beverage: a glass of red for Jana and hot chocolate for me. Her book pick: Love That Story by hair styling genius Jonathon Ven Ness of Queen Eye fame. “Jonathon is my twin soul,” Lam says. The “You Are a Badass” cover also caught her eye with its channel-your-inner-Lizzo inspiration. I heard Matthew McConaughey’s book was more than alright. He provides insightful thoughts and entertaining anecdotes from his own life experiences. The other book Jana recommended was Loving People Who Are Hard to Love. We’re both embracing a love-yourself-first stage in life and finding inspiration in various forms keeps us motivated and empowered.


Target finds

Favorite Day Caramel Apple Bourbon, Candy Corn Crunch and Scarecrow Crunch trail mixes, $4.49 each. Photo: Stacey Makiya.


Jana isn’t a snack monster, unlike me. These three seasonal trail mixes are money. They’re the perfect symphony of sweet, salty and savory, and they all embrace fall flavors—apple bourbon, candy corn and muddie buddies! The latter usually only makes an appearance during Christmas, so I’m happy that Target offered this early gift.


Target finds

Threshold’s Vernon upholstered barrel chair, $300. Photo: Stacey Makiya


This contemporary armchair that Jana’s sitting on already lives in her house. “I have the bouclé version; it’s classic, simple and chic,” she says. For fall, her chair is paired with a cozy throw and a few texture-heavy throw pillows. She also recommends buying a wooden stool and using it as a base for house plants. Hence, the option next to her that we threw in to be part of the display.


Target finds

Felt hat, $5. Photo: Stacey Makiya.


Fall is just an excuse to wear fab hats. And this one is definitely under budget. Honestly, it probably won’t make it to next season; quality is not the name of the game here, but it’s a quick, chic outfit enhancer that oozes fall-in-NYC feels.