A Festivus for the Rest of Us

A small update to a piece we wrote on the Puu o Kaimuki park last November: The landmark metal Christmas tree that’s been standing at the top of the hill for nearly two decades has been denuded, and now resembles a simple flag pole, or even an outsized Festivus pole.

Not to worry, traditionalists, it’s only temporary. Long-time Kaimuki resident and community volunteer Leonard Tam says the Honolulu City and County Department of Parks and Recreation, with the help of the Kaimuki Business and Professional Association, is planning to refurbish the tree with all-new stainless steel components. “The existing tree had been there for six years, and was damaged and corroded,” he says.

There’s no strict timeline for the project, but Tam says they’ll definitely have it up and running by Christmas. “We’ve got a new set of lights that we bought last year to string up, so it’s going to be all new for the holidays.”

In the meantime, who’s up for a Maypole dance?