8 “Star Wars” Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Jedi or Sith

These gifts are out of this galaxy, just in time for the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiere.

A galaxy far, far away is back in theaters a short, short time from now—just in time, in fact, for a certain ginormous gift-giving season. Genius move, Disney.


Because we’re total suckers for both swag exchanges and a juicy Jedi vs. Sith flick, we’re getting in the mood with a gift list of fierce, Force-inspired goodies. Give them to the coolest, nicest fans on your Christmas list, from little padawans to adult aficionados.


See you at the movies!


1. Darth Vader ice cube molds

Star Wars ice cubes
Photo: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Shall we toast to the demise of the Sith? There’s no way more stylish than with these fun (and just the right amount of ominous) Darth Vader ice cube molds, in the ideal chunky size for cocktails.

Williams Sonoma, Ala Moana Center, $19.95.


2. Star Wars Stockings

Star Wars stocking
Photo: Courtesy of Target

Star Wars showings are quickly becoming a Christmas tradition, so it just feels right to have this stocking hanging on the mantel. It’s got a classic cross-stitch aesthetic, so it’s sure to fit right in.

Target, 4450 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, $13.


3. R2-D2 droid

We may not (yet) be in the age of light sabers, but tech is slowly catching up. This R2-D2 droid from Brookstone, for instance, offers a chance for your friends and family to have their very own adorable beeping bestie to follow them on adventures.

Brookstone, Ala Moana Center, $129.99.


4. R2-D2 cuff links

Star Wars cuff links
Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Let your Star Wars nerd pals rep their obsession in splurge-y style with these ultra-luxe cuff links from Neiman Marcus. They’re posh enough for grown-up guys to sport with confidence, and cool enough to make the inner child in them absolutely gleeful.

Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Center, $75–495.


5. Star Wars LEGO blocks

Lego blocks
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Just because you’ve known about the Luke and Leia saga for more than a quarter of a century doesn’t mean you’re too old to play. You never grow out of LEGO blocks, after all, and this set will be the perfect toy with which to celebrate the new episode.

Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, $69.99.


6. Star Wars origami book

Star wars origami
Photo: Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Came for the explosions as a youngster, stayed for the sweet design as an adult. When your fanatic hasn’t gotten enough after the movie’s done, this origami book will keep him or her occupied for hours. Bonus: Reenacting the battle scenes with the paper ships!

Barnes and Noble, Ala Moana Center, $16.95.


7. Boba Fett Shirt

Boba Fett shirt
Photo: Courtesy of IN4MATION

Keep ’em warm in the theater’s always-aggressive air conditioning with this oldie but goodie long-sleeve tee from local brand IN4MATION. Sporting Boba Fett lookin’ cool, it’s sure to get your giftee in the galactic mood.

IN4MATION, Ala Moana Center, $33.


8. Star Wars landspeeder

Photo: Courtesy of Toys R Us

This unbelievably awesome, life-size (if you’re a tot) landspeeder only comes in kid sizes, unfortunately, but it’s sure to make the head of your nephew, niece, son, daughter or generic-favorite-child explode.

Toys R Us, 98-211 Pali Momi St., ‘Aiea, $249.99.