8 Most Popular Halloween Costume Searches in Honolulu and the U.S.

According to Google, here are the most popular Halloween costumes you’ll see in Honolulu.

If you’re still stressing about the perfect Halloween costume, you’re in luck. Check out our list of five budget-friendly places to buy Halloween costumes in Honolulu, plus review our list of Google’s top trending Halloween costumes below for inspiration. 


Donald Trump 

No. 1 — Top Trending Costume in the U.S. 

You’ll need a fancy suit, a red tie, an American flag pin and, most importantly, a comb-over wig to pass off as this billionaire presidential candidate. It’s no surprise Donald Trump ranks as the No. 1 trending costume on Google Trends. The Republican has made news headlines for his inflammatory remarks on gun control, undocumented immigrants and other hot-button issues. Practice your best impression of Trump by watching the Jimmy Fallon video above. Even the ladies can dress up as a sexy version of Trump with a Donna T. Rumpshaker costume for $69.95. 



No. 1 — Top Trending Costume in Honolulu
No. 4 — Top Trending Costume in the U.S. 

Arrr, matey! Thar be a high chance you’ll see a fellow pirate at a Halloween party this year. Wanna stand out from t’ crowd? Do yer homework! Click here to learn how t’ talk like a pirate. 



No. 1 — Most Searched Costume in the U.S. 
No. 4 — Top Trending Costume in Honolulu 

You’ll seriously impress your friends—maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger—with a do-it-yourself Predator costume. Customize your outfit with inspiration from this Pinterest board. 


Bonnie and Clyde 

No. 1 — Most Searched Couples Costume in the U.S. 

It looks like more people are going with the gangster look this year. This infamous American outlaw couple outranked Beetlejuice, superhero, Batman and pirate in the Google search for couples costumes. You can still admire this notorious couple for their impeccable style. 



No. 1 — Most Searched Dog Costume in the U.S. 


Turn your adorable pooch into a fuzzy Star Wars Ewok, the most-searched dog costume on Google Trends. This one-piece, dark-brown jumpsuit comes with a hooded headpiece that stands up on your dog’s ears to prevent it from falling down. You can find this costume at Target or Party City



No. 2 — Top Trending Costume in Honolulu
No. 2 — Most Searched Star Wars Costume in the U.S.
No. 23 — Top Trending Costume in the U.S. 

Photo: Diane Lee 


It’s fun to be the bad guy. You’ve probably seen Star Wars stormtroopers at one of Hawai‘i’s comic conventions. You’ll likely see stormtroopers parading around the streets of Honolulu on Halloween, too. 



No. 3 — Top Trending Costume in Honolulu
No. 3 — Most Searched Costume in the U.S. 

Photo: Diane Lee 


You can “save the day” in a Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk or Wonder Woman costume. There are plenty of superhero costumes to choose from, thanks to Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, who recently made an appearance in Honolulu.


Harley Quinn 

No. 1 — Most Searched Costume in the U.S. 
No. 5 — Top Trending Costume in Honolulu

If dressing up as a superhero isn’t your thing, consider supervillian Harley Quinn. 


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