7 Magical Unicorn Foods That We’re Totally Obsessed With Right Now

Your golden ticket to riding the unicorn trend in Hawai‘i.
Unicorn cake
How cute is this unicorn cake from A Cake Life?
Photo: Courtesy of A Cake Life


I tried to ignore it. I really did. But then everywhere I looked, I saw unicorns: unicorn frappes, unicorn cakes, unicorn mugs and even a unicorn island. Once I decided my Instagram could actually use a little more glitter and rainbows, I gave in and searched the interwebs for a definitive list of the best places to find unicorn foods in Hawai‘i … and couldn’t find it. So, it seems that noble task has fallen to me. You’re welcome.


1. Eat all the unicorn cakes!


Because who doesn’t want a unicorn cake for their birthday? Or, honestly, any day (#treatyoself). Go ahead and eat it all by yourself while sitting on the couch watching Nailed It! on Netflix. I won’t judge.

Several local bakeries offer these adorable specialty cakes, including Flour + Butter Bakery, A Cake Life, Cake Works Hawai‘i, Hokulani Bake Shop and Kulu Kulu Honolulu. I vote for trying them all. 

Flour + Butter Bakery, 725 Kapi‘olani Blvd., (808) 593-0566, flourplusbutter.com

A Cake Life, 2320 S. King St., (808) 542-0131, acakelife.com

Cake Works Hawai‘i, 2820 S. King St., (808) 946-4333, cakeworkshi.com

Hokulani Bake Shop, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 4B, (808) 536-2253, hokulanibakeshop.com

Kulu Kulu Honolulu, three locations in Honolulu, kulukulucake.com


2. … And all the cupcakes, too.


For those with slightly less ambitious stomachs, these bakeries also offer unicorn cupcakes: Let Them Eat Cupcakes Hawai‘i, Cake Works Hawai‘i, Chocolate+Vanilla Bakery, Flour + Butter Bakery and Sugarlina Bakeshop.


Let Them Eat Cupcakes Hawai‘i, 1088 Bishop St., (808) 531-2253, cupcakes808.com

Cake Works Hawai‘i, 2820 S. King St., (808) 946-4333, cakeworkshi.com

Chocolate+Vanilla Bakery, 1115 12th Ave., (808) 737-2462

Flour + Butter Bakery, 725 Kapi‘olani Blvd., (808) 593-0566, flourplusbutter.com

Sugarlina Bakeshop, 98-199 Kamehameha Highway, ‘Aiea, (808) 312-3173, sugarlina.com


3. Two words: Unicorn. Doughnuts.


A post shared by A Cake Life (@acakelife) on


To be honest, I didn’t even know unicorn doughnuts were a thing until now. But, boy, am I glad they are. So far, I’ve only seen them at A Cake Life, but I could be wrong. Let me know in the comments if I missed any of your favorite unicorn doughnuts and I’ll be sure to eat them! 


A Cake Life, 2320 S. King St., (808) 542-0131, acakelife.com


4. You know what goes well with doughnuts?


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Unicorn lattes! OK, OK—technically, the menu at Arvo says “tide dye latte,” but I’ve started a petition to change the name to “unicorn latte” because that’s what it totally looks like. Look how bright and colorful it is! Even the latte art is shaped like a unicorn horn. I rest my case.


Arvo Café, 675 Auahi St., (808) 537-2021


5. Speaking of coffee …


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Would you like some unicorn scones with your latte? But, wait, there’s more! This hidden spot in Hawai‘i Kai also serves unicorn ice cream.


Pro tip: The scones and other unicorn-inspired goodies are only available sometimes, so I recommend following @red5_808 on Instagram to catch a glimpse of the mythical goodies and grab them before they’re all gone.


Red5 Café, The O‘ahu Club, 6800 Hawai‘i Kai Drive, (808) 394-2233, theoahuclub.com/aloha-cafe


6. Unicorn + ice cream cone = ?


Half ube, half dragon fruit, wholly delicious. Of course, a place with “magic” in the name would make a unicorn treat out of soft serve called a “unicone.”


Note: As of May 4, 2018, Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack is closed due to volcanic activity and earthquakes on the Big Island. Follow @magicpineappleshack on Instagram for updates.


Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack, 54 Waiānuenue Ave., Hilo, (808) 935-8454


7. Honorable mention: Unicorn honey toast


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Look, just because Shokudo stopped making unicorn Honey Toast back in March (as its Instagram account says, “FOREVER!”) doesn’t mean I have to stop being obsessed with it. In fact, not being able to have it has just made me even more obsessed. I guess I’m just going to have to eat my feelings … in the form of regular Honey Toast. 


Shokudo Japanese Restaurant and Bar, 1585 Kapi‘olani Blvd., (808) 941-3701, shokudojapanese.com


Basically, this is me right now: Despicable Me unicorn