7 Hot New Honolulu Brunch Spots to Try Now

Jump on the breakfast wave and try one of Honolulu’s newest brunch options.
Breakfast 800
Top row by Steve Czerniak, bottom row by Martha Cheng
Clockwise from top left: Goofy Cafe, Koko Head Cafe, Bills Sydney, Scratch Kitchen, Nook, Tucker and Bevvy Breakfast


Hurray for long weekends!

Three days off means three mornings (or afternoons) to check out Honolulu’s new breakfast spots. In just the past year, seven new and noteworthy brunch places have opened. Plan it right, and you could even hit all of them over the long weekend. Hey, they don’t call it Labor Day for nothing. 


1. Goofy Café

What to order: Bowls rider omelette


2. Koko Head Café

What to order: Cornflake French toast


3. Bills Sydney

What to order: Ricotta hotcakes


4. Tucker and Bevvy Breakfast

What to order: Kale and quinoa salad


5. The Nook Neighborhood Bistro

What to order: Mochiko chicken and mochi waffles


6. Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shop

What to order: Shrimp ‘n’ grits


7. The New Liliha Bakery

What to order: Waffle and pancakes


Leisurely breakfast not in the cards this long weekend? Grab coffee and pastries from Morning Glass’ new, more central outpost in Kakaako.