7 Breathtaking Drone Videos of O‘ahu You Might Have Never Seen Before

Sometimes, Hawai‘i looks better from above.

Drones were behind some of the hottest news stories of 2015. With concerns about privacy, the possibility that Amazon might start using drones to make deliveries, and new regulations for civilian use of drones in 2016, it seemed that people just couldn’t stop talking about these futuristic flying machines. Maybe it’s because, beyond all the controversy, drone footage just looks cool. Here are a few of our favorite Hawai‘i drone videos of 2015.


Ha‘ikū Stairs 


Much like the state’s plastic-bag ban, the fact the that Ha‘ikū Stairs (Stairway to Heaven) hike is technically illegal hasn’t stopped tons of visitors and locals from scaling the 4,000-step set of stairs. And while we don’t condone breaking the law, beautiful footage like this might just be worth the risk.



Surf’s Up


Here’s your dose of Vitamin Sea. How mesmerizing is this view?



Dog Rescue


You know how the saying goes: Don’t turn your back to the waves. Here’s another good rule of thumb: Don’t turn your back on your dog, either, lest your fluffy friend end up like this one. Don’t worry, this one has a happy ending. (It also caught the attention of Inside Edition.)



Mural Art


Drones make it easy to get nice vantage points on these large-scale murals from Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i, the annual weeklong art festival in Kaka‘ako.



North Shore


Doesn’t this make you want to leave the office, hop in your car and head to the North Shore? Us too.



2015 Honolulu Marathon


Wow, so that’s what it looks like from up there. Just look at all those people. 



O‘ahu At A Glance


Before the year ends, let’s take a couple of minutes to appreciate our island of O‘ahu.