6 Great Dates in Honolulu

... plus 44 more at honolulumagazine.com. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or have been married for 20 years, here are six dates to spark the romance.

illustration: jacqui oakley

1. Sensual Celebration

Get to know your partner using your other senses, at Dining in the Dark at Formaggio Grill in Kailua. You’ll both be blindfolded during dinner, so your palate can take over and experience four courses, with wine pairings, in a whole new way. You might also engage in some under-the-table footsie. First Monday of the month, $75 per person. Call 263-2633 for reservations, formaggio808.com.


2. Dining in Kaimuki

Spice things up at the recently opened Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar in Kaimuki, owned by Kevin Hanney of 12th Ave. Grill. Salt specializes in housemade charcuterie, and dishes are served tapas-style, perfect for sharing. Don’t miss dessert, either; the chèvre cheesecake topped with crunchy caramel popcorn is worth the caloric overload. 3605 Waialae Ave., 744-7567.


3. Trivial Pursuits

Put your secret addiction to the Game Show Network to use by impressing your date at The Manifest during its weekly Trivia Tuesdays. The bar sells hotdogs for $4 (or $7 with a beer) or you can bring your own brain food, but get there early for a good seat. By the night’s end, your significant other will know that you’re good looking and smart. Or just a total nerd. But still good looking. Tuesdays at 6 p.m., 32 N. Hotel St., 523-7575, manifesthawaii.com.


4. Shoot ‘Em Up

Teamwork and communication are essential in any successful relationship. Sometimes, though, you just need to shoot your partner with spherical, gelatin capsules fired at high speeds from a compressed air-powered gun. Your dream can come true at Paintball Hawaii, and don’t worry, you can kiss and make up afterward. 111 Sand Island Access Road, 847-2255, paintballhawaii.com.


5. Explore Manoa

Getting outdoors doesn’t have to entail an arduous hike. We’re a fan of picnicking at the lush, 200-acre Lyon Arboretum. There are tons of idyllic nooks in which to lounge, but bring bug repellent—the mosquitos will be looking for a love connection of their own. 3860 Manoa Road, 988-0456, hawaii.edu/lyonarboretum.


6. Soup and Sculptures

The Hawaii State Art Museum makes a perfect blind date spot for townies. Start with a casual lunch at Downtown. (Everything is good here, but the gourmet sandwiches are a stand out.) If lunch felt like it ended too soon, whisk your soon-to-be soulmate upstairs to browse the art collection. Reservations recommended for lunch, hawaiistateartmuseum.org.


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