5 Reasons Why Buying Local Fish Matters

(Branded Content) Whether you’re looking for mahimahi, ono or opah, local distributor Fresh Island Fish shares why purchasing Island-caught seafood is important for our ‘āina and economy.
Honolulu Fish Auction
Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino


As the beautiful Hawaiian Islands continue to attract millions of visitors each year, it’s essential to consider the impact that tourism has on our local environment and economy. One crucial aspect of both is the fishing industry. As a visitor or resident, you can help support the local community by buying local fish.


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Hawai‘i provides an abundance of fresh and delicious seafood for locals and visitors alike. However, many people may not realize the importance of supporting local fishing. Local seafood purveyor Fresh Island Fish shares some big reasons why buying local fish is crucial to our ‘āina and our economy:



By supporting local fishing, you are promoting sustainable fishing practices. Local fishermen have a vested interest in preserving their fishing grounds for future generations, and often use traditional and responsible fishing methods. This ensures that the local marine life is not depleted and that the delicate ecosystem of the Islands is protected.  Very recently, the sustainability efforts taken by the Hawai‘i fishing industry were recognized through certification by the Marine Stewardship Council.


Economic Benefits

The fishing industry is a significant contributor to Hawai‘i’s economy, providing jobs and income to the local community. In other words: When you buy local Hawai‘i fish, you’re supporting the fishermen, fish markets and other local businesses that depend on, and benefit from, the industry.


Fresher and Better Quality

Local fish is caught and brought to the market on the same day, ensuring more freshness and better quality than fish that’s been shipped in from other locations. This means that you get to enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh fish—as it’s meant to taste.



Hawai‘i is home to a vast array of fish species not found anywhere else in the world. By supporting local fishing, you’re helping to preserve our Islands’ unique and diverse marine life. You can enjoy a variety of fish species that are not commonly found in other parts of the world, such as mahimahi, ono and opah.


Cultural Preservation

Fishing has been an essential part of Hawaiian culture for centuries. By supporting local fishing, you’re helping to preserve this cultural heritage and supporting the continuation of traditional fishing practices.


When you buy local Hawai‘i fish, you’re supporting the local economy, preserving the environment, and enjoying the freshest and most delicious seafood that our Islands have to offer. Whether you’re a visitor or resident, it’s important to consider the impact of your purchases and support the local community. So, next time you’re in Hawai‘i, be sure to visit your local fish market and buy local fish!


Fresh Island Fish is the state’s premier seafood distributor and specializes in providing sustainable, wild-caught Hawai‘i seafood. Fresh Island Fish recently created Pier 38 Fish Market, a brick-and-mortar fish market located in Honolulu that specializes in serving the freshest seafood products and other seafood products not commonly found at your local supermarket.