41 Thoughts We Had While Watching the New “Magnum P.I.”

Only one mentions Jay Hernandez’s shirt.
Magnum Helicopters
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Nationally, critics are largely lukewarm about the 2018-style Thomas Magnum and his pals. But here in Hawaiʻi, we’re always ready to give a little extra love to productions shot in our backyards—as long as it doesn’t mean we’re stuck in traffic too often during filming. Plot holes, clichés, impossible driving routeswe’ll forgive them all as long as we’re not subjected to an excess of Mainlanders trying too hard to be “authentically” local. Don’t even talk to us about Rob Schneider in 50 First Dates.


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For this reboot, sure there was the hubbub about Thomas Magnum being portrayed by a Latino actor. We don’t care. The P.I. was never written as a kamaʻāina. (It’s not like local audiences thought Tom Selleck grew up in ’Nalo.) So how do you think the new Magnum did?


Here are 41 thoughts we had, or overheard, during the season premiere. It’s like watching the show again with your snarky friend.


Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez stars as Thomas Magnum in the 2018 reboot.


  1. (Opening free fall) Did he just sky fall from outer space? That’s aggressive.

  2. Wait, all is forgiven as soon as Jay Hernandez shows his wonderful face.

  3. (Opening Korea village rescue) News update: Kualoa Ranch is in South Korea.

  4. Those bad guys can’t shoot for beans. Not even the windows cracked. (When Magnum starts shooting) Now he’s a good shot, see that. He only shot like four bullets.

  5. (Intro shot in the house): I like the Love’s bread. And the pineapple. Local street cred.

  6. Where is the house that’s the Robin’s Nest? It’s INSANE. Is it real?

  7. I feel like the British lady saying “It’s not my job” is going to be a recurring thing.

  8. Damn, I looked down at Instagram while Jay opened his shirt.

  9. (After the opening sequence) Wait! Where’s the rest of the theme song?

  10. COME ON! We live to rock out to the song and beauty shots. Indulge us! 

  11. Why couldn’t one of the main characters have been from Hawaiʻi? They changed Higgins to a female. Rick couldn’t be a local or something?

  12. (The appearance of Lt. Yoshi) OMG, the hot Korean from the Fast and the Furious franchise is on screen. Is he permanent?

  13. So, a Korean guy is playing a Japanese police officer with the super generic Japanese name?  
    Person 2: The guy in the original Magnum was Korean, too.
    Person 1: Oh, super authentic then.

  14. Did he just say moke? Did he?

  15. Magnum says, “Leave it to HPD and five-0, Magnum.” So, we are gonna have the shows cross and connect! How cool will that be? 


    #MagnumPI meets #H50 😍🌺 #SOTB

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  16. (Car appears) Wow, he’s got some nice cars! Is that the car—308 GTO? Classic. Hey! It has the old plates, too.

  17. OK, and Rick drives a Mercedes. Guess these P.I. peeps are not earning your basic HPD salaries.

  18. (Aerial shot of H3, followed by Magnum driving on the H3, talking on the phone) That is a pretty, beautiful drive.

  19. How can he hear a phone conversation in a convertible going over the H3? I have to yell to be heard when my windows are open on Kam Highway.

  20. Uber got a shout out! Sorry Lyft.

  21. Uber mentions and Uber commercials. Nice. That’s why there are no Fords or Chevys in the show. Got it.

  22. (In the prison, Nunzio story) Hollywood always finds a way to use perfectly broken branches to bite down on when resetting broken bones. How did they find one in that prison? I see no trees.

  23. Rambo did it better. He had an arrow, bit off the tip of the bullet, poured the gunpowder inside and lit it. (Yells like Rambo)

  24. Wait, did Jay just grow a stash? Yep! Stash is on screen! This is like an origin story for the stash.

  25. (As Higgins searches Nunzio’s office) Look at the aloha picture frame. Just saying.

  26. British lady has great bone structure. But I’d like to feed her malassadas.

  27. Oh, what up Diamond Head?

  28. Isn’t that the Korean character from the opening scene in "South Korea"? He has a food truck now? Where are there food trucks on Waikīkī Beach? 

  29. They went from Lagoon Drive to Tantalus to a green screen.

  30. Since when do guys in Hawaiʻi wear Nantucket red pants? This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard, bro.


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  31. Nice honu shot.
    Person 2: TURTLE!

  32. (Diving scene) Spice Girls! I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want: JAY JAY JAY JAY.

  33. Hey, it’s a catchy song. At least it’s not Hansen or NKOTB.

  34. Nice shot at Kāneʻohe Yacht Club!

  35. This whole cat-and-mouse suppressed sexual chemistry with Higgins and Magnum is sooooooooooooo cliche.

  36. You drive that midlife crisis car, Jay. You pull it off.


    Another day at the office. #magnumpi

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  37. New drinking game: Take a shot every time they mention the car.

  38. (After the crash in the last chase scene) They destroyed the 308? That’s two Ferraris in one show. That’s sad!!

  39. Hot Korean is back.


  40. Person 1: That was cheesy.
    Person 2: Wasn’t the original?
    Person 1: Yeah, but it was the ’80s. Everything was cheesy.

  41. Not bad. Fun cotton candy TV. Hope it gets better as Five-0 has. 



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