4 Seasonal Drinks That Taste Like the Holidays in Hawai‘i

Get some holiday cheer in beverage form.
From left, The Chumley from Fête and the Cinnar from Grondin French-Latin Kitchen.
Photos: James Charisma


Celebrate a surprisingly chilly holiday season in Hawai‘i this year with a selection of spots offering wintertime drinks.


1. The Candy Cane, Lin’s Hawaiian Snacks


Nonalcoholic and perfect for the whole family, Lin’s offers a new twist on the classic milkshake, prepared with Meadow Gold vanilla ice cream mixed with a house-made peppermint syrup, topped with a red honey swirl and garnished with dark chocolate shavings and candy cane bits. Let this sweet treat double as dessert next time you’re having dinner or catching a movie at nearby Ward Village.


$4.25, 401 Kamake‘e St., (808) 597-8899, linsmarkethawaii.com


2. The Chumley, Fête

Warm up with this chilly, rich cocktail featuring winter spiced rye whiskey, Vecchio Amaro del Capo liqueur, Amaro Vallet bitters, kiawe-smoked cane sugar and lemon, topped with an egg-white foam. With its strong but not overpowering bitters, this drink is sweetly balanced and offers flavors of pumpkin spice.


$13, 2 N. Hotel St., (808) 369-1390, fetehawaii.com


3. Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest, Livestock Tavern


This little cocktail by Livestock bartender Jennifer Tenaglia packs a big refreshing punch—with St. George Dry Rye gin, Junipero gin and Cocchi Americano aperitif, mixed with peppermint vanilla simple syrup and lemon. It’s all topped with a minty egg-white foam that leaves a tingle on your lips. This is gin with no bite and a refreshing tart flavor from beginning to end.


$12, 49 N. Hotel St., (808) 537-2577, livestocktavern.com


4. Cinnar, Grondin French-Latin Kitchen

A seasonal chalkboard special, this cocktail is made with herbaceous Cynar liqueur, Cazadores tequila, Xocolatl mole bitters and lemon juice, garnished with a cinnamon stick and lemon rind. The perfect after-meal digestif after a big holiday feast, this drink masks the bite of tequila masked with the balance of sugar and spice.


$14, 62 N. Hotel St., (808) 566-6768, grondinhi.com