4 New Honolulu Restaurants to Eat at Right Now

Crawfish and more crawfish, La Cucina Ristorante Italiana and a new Menchanko Tei
Menchanko Tei
Photo: Courtesy of Menchanko Tei

Craving crawfish? Two new places dish it up: Kickin’ Kajun, a little eatery on Makaloa where you “pick a creature” (clams, crawfish, blue crab, Dungeness crab, lobster and more), a seasoning (Louisiana style, garlic butter or plain) and spice level. Then you get down and messy. Plastic bibs included. Kickin’ Kajun, 1518 Makaloa St., (808) 946-2789


Then there’s Crawfish R Us, a food truck, serving Louisiana-style crawfish. Since it’s a truck, it may be harder to clean up after eating those messy little buggahs. Crawfish R Us, @crawfishRUs

Squid ink ravioli with lobster, trenette Bolognese and pasta vongole (clams). La Cucina Ristorante Italiana is the newest Italian restaurant in town. Inside the Imperial Plaza Building (by Ah Lang’s, aka Angry Korean Lady). 725 Kapiolani Blvd C112, (808) 593-2626


There’s a new location of Waikīkīs Menchanko Tei on Keeaumoku. The menu includes menchanko (a thicker egg noodle in a nabe style pot), ramen, katsu and oden.
903 Keeaumoku St., (808) 946-1888, menchankoteihawaii.com