33 Real Problems (No, Seriously) Only Hawai‘i Locals Can Handle

It’s paradise. So why are we so stressed?
Hawai‘i beach.
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To the outsider, Hawai‘i looks idyllic: Year-round summer, pristine beaches and ‘ono food. Yes, we love our home, but there are also disadvantages to living on a tiny island—from expensive gasoline and frequent hurricane scares to endless traffic. Yes, these are problems that only locals in Hawai‘i will understand.


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1. Every friend from the Mainland wants to visit you, but you don’t ever want to visit them.  (North Dakota? No, thanks.)

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2. You get no sympathy from your Mainland friends if you complain about Hawai‘i’s chilly weather on Facebook.

Honolulu weather
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3. You can find great deals on Mainland produce, but you better be ready to eat it right away before it spoils.

Salad eating.
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4. There’s no such thing as a cheap weekend getaway.

Hawaii plane ticket.


5. Shave ice melts faster than you can eat it.

Crying so hard.


6. Live in a valley? Hello, mildew, my old friend.

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7. Humidity is great for your skin. It’s not so great for your electronics.

Broken TV.
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8. Centipedes, scorpions and cane spiders … oh, my!


#HawaiiStateBird #MadeInHawaiiFestival #Hawaii #cockroach

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9. Roaches in your kitchen.

Dropping item in kitchen.
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10. Roaches in your office phone. 

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11. Roaches on TheBus.

Glenn scared.
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12. Roaches flying straight at your face. 

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13. Where you wen’ grad high school stays with you forever.


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14. As soon as they get here, people act like they’re from here. Malihini pidgin, no can.

50 First Dates


15. The prettiest sunsets come on the voggiest days.


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16. Every time the wind blows, the power goes out.

Eyes in darkness.
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17. Hurricane warning? Get in line, it’s time to stock up on bottled water and toilet paper, just like every single other person on the island.

Hawaii problems: Bottled water.
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18. New Year’s Eve is a war zone for pet owners.


The unofficial New Year's Eve fireworks show in Nuuanu last night. What are your thoughts about the illegal aerials? 🎥: @honozooloo

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19. Amazon Prime’s two-day free shipping? To Hawai‘i? Nope. 


I just found a mannequin / dress form that will ship to Hawaii for free 🎉🌴 I have been looking for a while. Local friends you understand how elusive this is!! Merry Christmas to me. Hope it's not a piece of crap 😂. #hawaiiproblems #thankyouamazon #ebay #poshmark #resellercommunity #thrifting #thriftscore #naptimeshopping

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20. Whenever something new opens, automatic long lines.

South Park
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21. Let’s face it, Trader Joe’s, IKEA and In-N-Out Burger are never coming to Hawai‘i.


Can I take this section home with me? 😍 #pumpkineverything

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22. In the fall and winter, national chains are full of cold-weather clothes you’ll never wear. Why so many heavy wool coats?

Thirft Shop by Macklemore


23. Year-round summer means basically zero chances to bundle up in cute winter outfits.

Devil Wears Prada
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24. Commuters dread the return of school more than students.

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25. Televised football games are already over when you get home from work. No spoilers, please!

Captain Kirk
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26. Sand in your hair. Sand in your ears. Sand in your car. Sand everywhere.


#HawaiiProblems No. 6: This beach is so sandy

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27. Nightlife? What nightlife?

Closed sign.
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28. Tourists who walk around the city in bikinis like it’s a beach. Put some clothes on!

Face palm Ryan Gosling.
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29. That surprise nasal flush at dinner after a day of surfing.

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30. Lots of people rock slippers. Fewer people clip their toenails regularly. 

Will Ferrel
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31. Tourists bike on the wrong side of the road. We love the adventurous spirit, but we’re afraid of hitting them.

Car driving.
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32. There’s no such thing as casual dating. Everybody knows everybody and her cousin and uncle and braddah.

Seinfeld Elaine and Jerry.
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33. Hawai‘i is beautiful, but we’re stuck indoors all the time, working to afford it.

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