3 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s “Terrace House: Aloha State”

Hawai‘i gets its very own reality show on Netflix, featuring a familiar face from HONOLULU Fashion Week.


We know, we know—the last thing you need is another TV show to add to your milelong Netflix queue. But, before you watch Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, you have to watch Terrace House: Aloha State. Here are three reasons to get excited.


1. It takes place right here in Hawai‘i.

Terrace House scenic opener

The scenic shots of the island will remind you that we’re #luckywelivehonolulu.


2. It’s an addictive reality show that’s way less embarrassing to watch than Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Basically, Terrace House is the Japanese version of reality shows like MTV’s The Real World: The producers stick a bunch of strangers in a house together (in this case, three guys and three ladies), turn on the video cameras and we all get to watch what happens. Some of the housemates argue, some of them start to date and some of them just get over it and move out.


In Aloha State, the camera follows Lauren “Lala” Tsai, a model and aspiring illustrator; Yuya Shibusawa, an aspiring actor; Avian Ku, a salesclerk at 88 Tees; Eric De Mendonca, a carpenter (who recently opened Punchbowl Coffee Co. in Waikīkī); Naomi Lorraine Frank; and Yusuke (“Eden Kai”) Aizawa, a local ‘ukulele player.


3. One of the house-mates, Lala, is a HONOLULU Fashion Week model (and talented artist and all-around adorable human).

Lauren Lala Tsai at HONOLULU Fashion Week
Lauren Tsai backstage at HONOLULU Fashion Week.
Photo: Eli Schmidt


While watching Aloha State (Part 1: Episode 7), we get a behind-the-scenes look at HONOLULU Fashion Week: The TV show follows Lauren as she auditions at the model casting, makes the cut, gets her makeup done backstage and struts down the catwalk during the LeaLea presents: RINKAgram runway show. You can watch the full runway show in the video below.



It made us seriously nostalgic for last year’s HONOLULU Fashion Week. Lucky for us, we can relive almost every minute of it at honolulufashionweek.com.