3 New Things You’ll Find at Jamba Hawai‘i’s Revamped Downtown Store

(Sponsored) On March 22, Jamba at the Financial Plaza unveiled a fresh dose of new with a grand reopening celebration.
Jamba Hawai‘i at the Financial Plaza Grand Reopening 2019
photos: dayni watanabe


On Friday, March 22, Jamba Hawai‘i at the Financial Plaza celebrated its grand reopening, drawing the Downtown lunch crowd to 130 Merchant St. with selfie ops, giveaways, a live band and the return of three seasonal items featuring one of Hawai‘i’s favorite fruits.


In case you missed it, here’s a quick update on what’s new at Jamba Hawai‘i’s Downtown location:


Jamba Hawai‘i at the Financial Plaza Grand Reopening 2019


Remodeled Interior

Jamba’s newly remodeled store was updated with a modernized look featuring brushed concrete floors, dark wood tones and a new barn-style sliding menu board that makes it easier to read, peruse and pick your order. Splashy new graphics, featuring a blast of juice and fruits, lining the back walls add punchy pops of color.


Jamba Hawai‘i at the Financial Plaza Grand Reopening 2019


Updated Threads

The latest Moonlight Market on Saturday, March 23, featured a curated lineup of more than 30 local vendors offering jewelry, clothing, art and more. The collection included locally loved brands—such as Kris Goto, Green Tea Leaves and Red Pineapple—along with many new and upcoming ones offering authentic Hawai‘i-made items perfect for gifting or treating yourself with.


Jamba Hawai‘i at the Financial Plaza Grand Reopening 2019


Lychee is Back!

Jamba celebrated its grand reopening with the return of the Hawai‘i-exclusive seasonal lychee trio. Fruit smoothies Tropical Lychee, blended with flavors of pineapple and liliko‘i, and Lychee Dream, creamy with a hint of tart raspberry, both come preboosted with collagen to promote a healthy, glowing complexion. The Lychee Mango Bowl, an icy blend of Hawai‘i’s iconic summer fruits topped with granola, coconut and local apple bananas, is a good-for-you treat that pairs perfectly with hot Hawai‘i days.


Stop by Jamba Hawai‘i’s Financial Plaza location on 130 Merchant St. to check out the store’s refreshed look and get a taste of the seasonal lychee trio. For the latest updates on new menu items, giveaways and more, follow Jamba Hawai‘i on Facebook or Instagram.