3 Great Dishes and 1 Spicy Drink We Fell in Love With This Month

Finding new favorites at old spots: carne asada fries, roasted cauliflower, cornish game hen and angry balls.
The carne asada fries and roasted cauliflower.


We eat out a lot. Like, a lot. And we don’t only frequent the new and cool spots. Sometimes we go back for a visit to an old favorite that we might have forgotten about and sometimes we find ourselves in a place that might not have been our first choice for a meal out, but where there’s a party…

We’re always on the look out for that one great dish or singular cocktail that stands out among the lychee martinis and vodka crans. Here are a few dishes (and one drink) that we encountered this month that made us whip out our cameras when we weren’t on the clock.


Carne asada fries at Wings and Things ($8.95)

When in Mānoa, eat at Serg’s Mexican Kitchen. It’s a kind of unspoken rule for us. Last time, though, our wandering eyes settled on the menu next door at Serg’s sister spot, Wings and Things by Serg, and honed in on “carne asada fries.” How could we not try that? The massive dish is a beautiful mess of straight, curly and waffle fries topped with deep-fried steak, jack cheese, pico de gallo, guac, sour cream and queso fresco. Holy perfect stoney snack. Eat it with friends. There’s no way a single person could even hope to make a dent in this dish.


Roasted cauliflower at Vino ($12.50)

Just roasted cauliflower? Meh. Roasted cauliflower on a bed of truffle puree with brie cheese melting into all the nooks until it mingles with truffles? Yes, please. At Vino in Restaurant Row, the cauliflower is currently a seasonal special, but if enough of us ask for it to be added to the menu, maybe we’ll get our way. Fingers crossed.


Cornish game hen with preserved lemon and olives at Casablanca

If you want this dish, there’s a catch: It’s one of the main course options of a seven-course prix fixe menu at Casablanca Morrocan restaurant in Kailua. The tiny family-run restaurant is open for a few hours four days a week, and they do one thing: a prix fixe menu for $37. Every course of the menu is set, except the main course, and we suggest getting the Cornish game hen. Roasted in a tomato based sauce, heady with lemon and olives—it’s umami through and through. The other six courses are good too.


Angry Balls at Dave and Buster’s ($8.95, half-off during happy hour)

Take your Fireball obsession (and guilty pleasure) to a new place with Dave and Buster’s new cocktail concoction, Angry Balls. It’s a sweet and spicy (and yes, less potent) take on the Boilermaker. Instead of dropping a shot of Jameson’s into a glass of Harp, the drink makers at D&B add a shot of Fireball to a glass of Angry Orchard Hard Cider. It’s like Christmas in a glass. If frat boys were Santa.