2009 Private School Guide

Affording the Dream
To find out how families can make private school work for their budgets, we talked to experienced parents and school officials.

Am I Too Late?
What happens when you’ve missed the regular deadlines?

Does Accreditation Matter?
It’s not only your child who gets evaluated in the private-school system.  Schools themselves get put through the wringer on a regular basis.

A Timeline: Applying to a Private School
The quest to find the right school for your child and get him or her enrolled can take at least a year.  We’ve developed a 12-month timeline to assist you ever step of the way.

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Making the Most of Your Campus Visit
You don’t often hear of people buying houses sight unseen.  So why would you even consider choosing a private school for your child without checking it out first?

What Are You Looking For?
You and your child will want a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for in a private school even before you’ve begun the search.  Here are some general areas you might consider.

A Complete Guide to Private Schools
Information on 123 schools and 3 colleges.  For further information about private schools, please visit http://www.hais.org


Index of Advertisers of 48 schools.