2 New Locally Made Face Luminizers That Will Enhance Your Beauty Game

Glow up, already.
Oshan Essentials beauty bronzer
‘Anapa reflective face luminizer, $28; Hulali bronzing face luminizer, $28. Photo: courtesy of Oshan Essentials


For Shelley Lee, owner of Oshan Essentials, and makeup artist Risa Hoshino, enhancing a woman’s beauty naturally is a highlight of their careers.


The glam/gleam team recently paired up to create two nourishing face luminizers—shimmery creams that help you achieve that dewy glow, without an IG filter. They started with cold-pressed macadamia nut, jojoba and castor oils, then they selected Hawaiian beeswax to solidify the balm.


“Each luminizer has its own blend of essential oils that calm, soothe and invigorate,” says Lee. Hoshino, who uses it every day, advises using it on “the high points of your cheeks, the inner corners of your eyes or mix it in your moisturizer and use it under foundation for a subtle, sun-kissed look.”




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