18 Popular Hawai‘i Photos Every Local Has Instagrammed

We bet we know what your Insta-feed looks like. No shame—ours looks the same.

1. Legs hanging off the roof at the Lanikai Pillbox hike.


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Are you really local if you haven’t taken a picture like this? 


2. Modeling in front of a mural at Our Kaka‘ako.


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Because you’re the real work of art here (although, maybe not half as cute as this baby).


3. Half your feed is pictures of shave ice.


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Gotta be from Waiola.


4. And poke bowls.


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Extra points if the picture was taken at the beach to make your Mainland friends jealous.


5. This view of the island from a plane window.


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We love coming home to this.


6. Casually chillin’ at the Pali Puka. 


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Not like it’s super windy or anything. #NBD.


7. Will we ever stop being in awe of the Hawai‘i Theatre?

Nope. Still in awe.


8. Photo shoots at the Makai Research Pier.

Senior photos, engagement shoots, family portraits … best. backdrop. ever. 


9. Poi mochi doughnuts from Liliha Bakery.


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We STILL can’t get enough of them.


10. Chasing waterfalls.


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We might not always like the rain, but rainy days make the best waterfalls.


11. The Koko Crater stairs of doom.


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You totally deserve bragging rights if you make it up the 1,048 steps to the top.


12. Venturing to the windward side for the Byodo-In Temple.

When townies remember there’s more to the island than just Honolulu.


13. When you take a break from shave ice to eat an acai bowl.


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And you get it from Diamond Head Cove Health Bar, of course.


14. Rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.


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Even better when it’s a double rainbow.


15. And, of course, sunsets.


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Especially when it’s voggy.


16. The dead man’s catwalk


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Until they closed it, that is.


17. Plate lunch from Rainbow Drive-In. 


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Shoyu chicken. Loco moco. Whatever it was, you destroyed it two seconds later.


18. Your view at the beach.


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Are they hot dogs or your legs? Nobody knows. 


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