12 Unique Hawai‘i-Made Gifts for Every Mom This Mother’s Day

From crêpe paper flowers to a $180 box of handcrafted sweets, the mom in your life deserves it all.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Cake Life


Roses and rosé are always great gifts for Mom. (Hey, we’re not complaining!) But if you’re looking for something more unique and personal, check out this list of locally made gifts for that special mom in your life.


1. Crêpe paper flower arrangements, Boho Blooms


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This vibrant Queen Bee Arrangement (above, $130) features a hand-painted queen protea, full-bloom butterfly ranunculus and raspberry rose—and the flowers look so real. Honolulu-based Elisha Hunter creates each flower by hand using high-quality Italian or German crêpe paper. This particular arrangement may be sold out, but Boho Blooms has others in its Mother’s Day Collection starting at $35.



2. Apron, Jana Lam


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We love these hand-printed aprons ($98) by local designer Jana Lam. A mom herself, she crafted these chic and durable aprons with unique prints and a denim skirt—with pockets! There are mini versions, too ($76), for your little sous chef.



3. Mugen’s Mother’s Day gift box, Mugen

Mothers day Mugen

Photo: Courtesy of Aqua-Aston Hospitality


If your mom appreciates the finer things, consider this exclusive gift box ($180) from the luxe Mugen Waikīkī. It’s filled with handcrafted sweets by chef Jamon Harper, including three dragées featuring Mānoa Chocolate, three pâte de fruit and three confectionary assortments with a cherry blossom nougat. There are only 24 boxes available, so if you’re interested, order ASAP.

(808) 377-2247, mugenwaikiki.com


4. Māmā cropped tee, Onepaʻa Hawaiʻi


This smooth, flow-y Māmā cropped tee ($34) is perfect for that outdoor, on-the-go mama. It’s comfy and quick-drying. Bonus: You’ll be supporting this small, family-run business that’s focused on sustainable fashion. The Mānoa-based business only produces clothing it gets orders for, so there’s no waste.



5. Packing cubes, Fighting Eel


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Summer break is only a month away, and you know the moms who are already planning the next family trip—or girls’ weekend! (We’re here for those!) The packing cubes ($68) from Fighting Eel are lightweight, functional and chic. The set includes seven pieces—three packing cubes, three zippered pouches and one toiletry bag—that stores and neatly organizes everything in your suitcase. Plus, they’re easy to store when you don’t need them.



6. Dessert box, A Cake Life

Mothers day A Cake Life

Photo: Courtesy of A Cake Life


Who doesn’t want a box of tasty treats? A Cake Life is offering a delicious 12-piece “I Got It From My Mama” dessert box ($35) with melting moments cookies, lemon shortbread cookies dipped in white chocolate, assorted macarons, an energy bar (God knows we need that!), pink Chex Mix and more.



7. Vegan bucket bag, Oceans End


Kailua-based Oceans End brought back its popular bucket bag—but in a new and improved shape. Meet the versatile Lucy ($125), with adjustable straps, an inside zipper pocket, wide open pocket and pink mermaid lining. You can wear this as a shoulder bag, a handbag or even a backpack. Great for traveling, shopping or browsing the farmers market. And they’re vegan!



8. Pīkake lei kitchenware, Lahaʻole Designs


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Oʻahu-based Lahaʻole Designs—started when designer Tanya Uyehara was on maternity leave with her fourth child—boasts sustainable kitchenware, including bamboo mixing spoons, charcuterie boards and rolling pins emblazoned with a pīkake lei design.



9. Pikoʻole pāpale hats, Hale Pua


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For the mom on the go—and aren’t we all?—these handmade pikoʻole pāpale crownless hats (full brim, $36; petite brim, $28) are functional and flattering. Each is made with lafite straw—similar to lauhala—and unique, with slight color variations to add to its charm. Great for morning dog walks, beach strolls or working in the garden.



10. Personalized platters, SalTerrae808


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Gift your mom a beautiful ceramic 16-inch platter ($130) with a handwritten family recipe on it. (Better yet if it’s in your grandmother’s handwriting!) It’s such a unique and personal gift she will undoubtedly cherish forever. The recipe is kiln-fired to the food-safe dish, so the image won’t fade.



11. Mama necklace, Kira Hawaiʻi


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There ain’t no ‘hood like motherhood—or so Kira Hawaiʻi likes to say. This handcrafted necklace features the word, “Mama,” in Old English lettering ($80) for the classic, bold and gangsta mutha in your life.



12.  Mama Bear Box, Choco leʻa


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This box ($49.99) has all the Mom essentials—four special Choco leʻa truffles, the shop’s new chocolate syrup, Waiʻoli Kitchen & Bakeshop’s mochi waffle mix, candied mac nut topping (for those waffles), a mocha bomb, a solid dark chocolate bear and dark chocolate-covered gummy bears. Most of these items are exclusive to the kit, so your mom will feel extra special. Order in advance.