11 Shark-Inspired Ways to Float Your Boat

Missed the boat on Shark Week? Here are some fishy finds that will still blow you out of the water.


Shark Week may be over, but there’s a reason these prehistoric predators have been around for so long: They never go out of style. (That, and they keep attacking us.) We’ve still got a taste for these monsters of the deep, and we know you do, too—especially when it comes to snaring some fierce finds in the realms of fashion, food and accessories.

Not to mouth off, but we consider ourselves pretty high on the food chain. That's why we decided to show our chummy side and throw you guys a line with this roundup of shark-themed goodies you’ll want to take a bite out of.

Go ahead and chew on that.


1. Spend your summer nights sleeping with the fishes in this comfy pajama set. $12.90, forever21.com

2. Chomp down snacks in this ceramic shark bowl straight from the Discovery Channel Store. $17.50, store.discovery.com

3. Make a splash with this navy and white canvas backpack. $75, forever21.com

4. Keep your style looking sharp with these shark tooth accessories by local brand Jewelry By Justine. $90, jewelrybyjustine.com

5. Whether you're taking artsy beach pics or just surfing the Web, this shark iPhone case has got your back. $80, neimanmarcus.com

6. From fins to fingers, these colorful nail wraps are a cool way to get into the Shark Week spirit any time of the year. $16, beauty.com

7. Customize your own fintastic notepaper for $0.85 a page at zazzle.com.

8. Terrified about sharks flying at you at 300 mph à la Sharknado? Don’t worry, Andrew Shaffer has got you covered in his survival guide How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack. $12.33, amazon.com

9. These stackable shark fin rings are sure to give your ensemble some real bite. $22.50, madewell.com

10. You can’t swim away from these “shark chase” striped socks. $8, urbanoutfitters.com

11. Fish food is a must at any shark party, so here’s a way to appease the feeding frenzy with watermelon and some Swedish Fish.