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Last-minute Halloween costume ideas


Photos courtesy: Disney/Pixar, Reuters, DreamWorks Pictures

These past few days have been pretty hair-raising.

There was the tsunami warning complete with road closures and mandatory evacuations, and now, a super storm is terrorizing the East Coast.

To top it off, you've got less than 24 hours to scare up a Halloween costume.

Which you can totally do with these last-minute tricks. Just pick up a few items during lunch, if necessary, combine it with stuff you already have in your closet, and spend the evening working on your makeup, moves and catchphrases.

After all, the devil is in the details.

Wear: Round sunglasses, colored blazer, bow tie, wingtip shoes or sneakers.
Apply: Lots of gel.
Carry: A boombox with "Gangnam Style" on repeat.
Move: Watch the music video to get the dance down (it's not hard - just channel a hyperactive cowboy) or simply jump up and down and shout "Oppan, Gangnam Style!"


Red jacket, $18, Barrio Vintage, 1160 Nuuanu Ave., (808) 674-7156.

Michael Jackson
Wear: Red bomber jacket or black fedora, aviator sunglasses and sparkly white glove.
Apply: Light foundation, rosy cheeks and lips, eyeliner.
Say: "I love you," "I love you more," and "You're so kind" in a soft, almost whisper-like, voice.
Move: Do the moonwalk or spin and kick dance moves.

Samara, a.k.a. Creepy Girl from 'The Ring'
Wear: Long black wig (or your own hair, if it works) covering your face, a white dress or even a white sheet. Rubbing your arms with dirt is optional, but effective.
Carry: A VHS tape.
Move: No words necessary. Just jerk your arms and legs around, reach out to people at random and, if the mood strikes you, start crawling.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Gold Shimmer Faux Lash, $16, Sephora, Ala Moana Center, (808) 944-9797.

Lady Gaga
Wear: Funky sunglasses (if you have time, decorate your own using rhinestones and a hot glue gun), anything skintight, high platform shoes, colored wig. Bonus points if you include slabs of meat.
Apply: Thick eyebrow pencil, big false lashes, glitter, face paint, red lipstick.
Say: "Paws up" and "I was born this way" and call everyone Little Monsters.

Carl, a.k.a. Old Man from 'Up'
Wear: White wig or white hair spray, black square-framed glasses, tweed blazer, bow tie.
Carry: A bunch of helium balloons and a cane (if you have time, glue tennis balls to the bottom).
Say: Answer every question with "No."

Elvis wig, $24.99, Party City, 888 N. Nimitz Hwy., (808) 599-7591.

Wear: Sequined jumpsuit or a simple collared shirt with the first few buttons open.
Apply: Large sideburns, lots of mousse.
Carry: A microphone or guitar.
Say: "Thank you, thank you very much," "Hey lil' mama," and "Baby" in a low, slow Southern drawl.
Move: Dance with your legs and hips, add karate-like punches, chops and kicks, curl your upper lip.

Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Elvis tips courtesy of Damian Brantley, Jackie Wiatrowski and Johnny Fortuno. Legends in Concert's Rock-A-Hula show takes place every Tuesday through Sunday at 8:15 p.m. at Royal Hawaiian Center.

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