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6 finds from Red Pineapple's new, larger Ward Centers store

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Red Pineapple

Miss Manners' Rule of Etiquette #1: When visiting a friend's new home, one must always bring a housewarming gift.

Miss Manners' Rule of Etiquette #2: When visiting Red Pineapple's new home, one must always leave with a housewarming gift — even if it's for your own home.

Red Pineapple didn't move far from its old location (it's actually right next door) but the new space is three times as large. The result? Shoppers have ample room to sift through even more giftable bath, body and home accessories. With treasured trinkets like Thymes' warm-and-fuzzy Frasier Fir line, Dean & Deluca's gourmet salts and spices, and Lola's locally made terrariums, it's almost impossible to walk out empty-handed.

Here are six brand-new finds we unearthed on our visit:

Red Pineapple

1. Cheeky greeting cards by California-based artist Ashkahn Shahparnia featuring letterpress, foil and ink on cotton paper. $6 each.

2. Taza dark chocolate discs made by hand-carved granite millstones for unusual, yet addictive textures and flavors (think rich, refined Crunch bars). $8 each.

3. Soothing Garden Apothecary bath teas with epsom salts, organic balsam oil, lavender buds and lotus stamens in recycled glass apothecary jars. $30.

4. French-made Palais Des Thés' signature blended teas. Our pick: Thé Des Alizés, a green tea with white peach, kiwi and watermelon. $27 each.

5. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit's stackable, pocket-sized set of organic seasonings, perfect for any chef-on-the-go. $28.

6. Assorted Oahu-based, retro-inspired prints by Everything is Jake's Nick Kuchar. $24 each.

Red Pineapple is located in Ward Centre near Bed, Bath & Beyond. For more information, call (808) 593-2733 or visit RedPineapple.net.

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