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Grown-up ways to channel your childhood favorites

Girls Gone Styled


You and your imaginary friends are no longer on speaking terms and the last time you got your butt on a slide, it was electric.

Still, no matter how old you get, your inner princess never really goes away. In honor of Girl's Day, we found five grown-up ways to celebrate your childhood favorites.

Get ready for some serious girl time.

From Hello Kitty to Brandy Pham

If you loved Hello Kitty, try Brandy Pham's Lela Kitty ring.
This hand-painted enamel ring studded with Swarovski crystals is the purr-fect way to bring out your inner feline. $88, BrandyPham.com.

From tutus to skater skirts

If you loved ballet tutus, try a skater skirt.
Hands down, the best part about ballet class was wearing a fluffy pink tutu. Carrie went full-out in Sex and the City, but we prefer this lavender scuba skater skirt for a more subtle nod. $38, Homecoming Boutique, 1191 Bethel St., (808) 536-6000.

From tiaras to spiked headbands

If you loved tiaras, try a spiked headband.
Princesses are so yesterday; crown yourself a style queen instead with this shiny headband studded with edgy metallic spikes. $15, Bamboo Sky, 401 Kamakee St. #104, (808) 591-8003.

From Strawberry Shortcake to Jessie Steele

If you loved Strawberry Shortcake, try Jessie Steele's Loretta apron.
Tie on a strawberry gingham apron and you'll look as sweet as pie or, in this case, shortcakes. $33.95, JessieSteele.com.

From tea parties to Tea Forte

If you loved tea parties, try Tea Forté Cocktail Infusions.
Thank Alice in Wonderland for your love of tea, then go mad for cocktails that call for lavender, lemongrass or chai infusers steeped in your favorite liquor. $9 for set of 8, TeaForte.com.

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