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CDSO Designs' new verdigris metal jewelry

Stark to Finish


CDSO Designs
Clockwise from left: Sterling silver structured heart pendants, $105 each, copper and concrete heart pendants, $65 each, sterling silver snake ring, $95.

Old rule out: Mixing metals is a fashion don't. New rule: Mixing metals is a total fashion do, especially when matched with CDSO Designs' new pigmented pieces.

It's no secret that Chad Durgan's heavy metal vibe totally rocks our accessories world (we raved about his hammered copper cuffs and switchback pendants at our first-ever pop-up boutique).

Now, the Maui-based sculptor has some fresh additions to his online shop - some as recent as this morning! - that pave the way for new dainty-meets-edgy ensembles. The twist: Durgan coats the metal with layers of sulfer or ammonia to create a vintage-like, almost gritty, black or green tint.

CDSO Designs
From left: Kinetic verdigris earrings, $50, Love Lock pendant, $125, teardrop verdigris earrings, $44.

Steel yourself for the Love Lock pendant, tinted handcut copper hearts soldered together with a brass wire "lock," embedded with an eye-catching stone and strung on a silver chain, or Kinetic verdigris earrings made with domed copper disks that actually move along a sterling silver frame. Even snake rings get a subtle VIP(er) treatment, patinated and buffed to showcase delicately hammered scales.

To celebrate their arrival, Durgan is hosting a Facebook giveaway: share this photo of the new hammered teardrop verdigris earrings (don't forget to tag CDSO) before Friday and they could be yours.

Which, if you think about it, would be a dreamy way to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

Go ahead and pinch yourself.

CDSO Designs' new pieces are available online. Visit CDSO Designs on Facebook to enter the contest and sneak a peek at upcoming styles.

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