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Butter mochi and other local treats at Whole Foods Kahala

Bar Excellence


Christine's Kahala Confections at Whole Foods Market

Guard: Miss, can you step aside?

Girl: What seems to be the problem, sir?

Guard: Cut the act, sweetheart. Our screeners spotted potential contraband as you attempted to enter an all-natural zone. This stack of butter mochi and caramel brownies could land you behind bars.

Girl: No, they won't. I picked them up at Whole Foods Market in Kahala Mall, where bakery team leader Christine Georgedes slices up local desserts, like chocolate mochi and shortbread, made in house sans any artificial ingredients. The former pastry chef for Sam Choy wanted to recreate the flavors she grew up with, so she took her grandmother's original recipes and tweaked them to include all-natural, largely local ingredients like macadamia nuts from Mahina Mele Farm, Maili Moa eggs and Waialua chocolate.

Macadamia nut bar, caramel brownie, and butter mochi
From top: macadamia nut bar, caramel brownie, and butter mochi.

Guard: I'll have to confiscate some, you know, for testing purposes. [Takes a bite.] Hmm, inspection of the butter mochi reveals chewy edges with a creamy, custardy center. I detect a large, satisfying crunch in the macadamia nut bar. And the caramel brownie has that perfectly chewy, brown sugar crust pat-down, I mean, down pat. All right, these bars meet TSA (Totally Sweet and Authentic) regulations. Carry on.

Girl: Thanks! Just a heads up, you'll have to conduct another search soon. Georgedes is looking to debut more mochi flavors this summer, as well as malasadas when the store's fresh doughnut station opens later this year.

Guard: Don't worry. I promise, your next visit will be a piece of cake.

Christine's Kahala Confections are available exclusively at Whole Foods Market in Kahala Mall for approximately $2 per bar (priced per pound).

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