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Salty Girl Jewelry

Shells are gorgeous, but if you're fishing for a different beachy chic look, reel in Salty Girl Jewelry. Like her signature sea-urchin-inspired pieces, designer Amber Chesebro's new Limu collection is a fresh catch when it comes to ocean-inspired accessories. Here are three reasons why you'll fall for it, hook, line and slinker:

1. It's off the deep end (in a totally cool way). Leave it to Chesebro to make limu stylish. The local designer was strolling along the beach when she spotted a piece of seaweed in the sand. Intrigued by its simple, organic shape, she brought large clumps back to her studio.

2. The line is perfectly cast. There's no mistaking its antler-shaped inspiration, cast in quality sterling silver or 14k-gold fill. Delicate, single pieces of limu shine in pendant necklaces and post earrings, and are molded into rings, while strands link together for statement-making bracelets.

3. You'll attract a lot of fish... err, fans. If the jewelry's intriguing shape doesn't turn heads, the diamonds certainly will. Necklaces, earrings and rings come with the option of flush-set diamonds embedded in the limu (the bracelets don't - there are already faceted blue topaz stones near the clasps). This is the first time Chesebro's incorporated sparklers into her pieces, using a new stone-setting technique to add elegance without going overboard.

Rings start at $68, earrings at $105, necklaces at $145, and bracelets at $215, available at Sand People's Oahu stores, Roberta Oaks, and online. Photos by Dallas Nagata White.

Salty Girl Jewelry
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