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Nai‘a Bikinis For the Active Surfer and Swimmer

These suits have straps that won’t quit and reversible styles.



Welcome to the Lei Chic Aquarium, where we have all manner of awesomely aquatic curios and goodies on display, in all manner of shapes and stylish. And that includes your favorite aquatic fashion icons, such as turtles, seahorses—there may even be an octopus or two loping through these tanks.

And you are in for a very special treat today. One of our biggest crowd-pleasers just arrived and is all ready to put on a show. Bottlenose or not, these guys always manage to be some of the cutest choices out there, are way fun and are the ideal companions for tumbling in the waves—they’ll definitely show you some playful style. Say hello to Nai‘a Bikinis, designed by former bioscience professional Lowell Burton and named with the Hawaiian word for the coolest of all sea animals: the dolphin.

These suits are fashioned with both form and function in mind. Cute patterns in jewel tones and bright colors (we love the adorable blue mermaid-scales print) combine with features such as adjustable straps that can be worn cross-back or straight-back, and side-tie bottoms for active use. Burton designs all the bikinis with a strong awareness of physics, such as how opposing forces from two straps help them stay on or how shapes create the optical illusion of a more flattering silhouette. The bottom line? Your swimwear won’t start quitting midway through a surf sesh and leave you floundering in the waves with a bare bum.

We can’t wait to fish some out for ourselves.

$78, tops and bottoms sold separately at naiabikinis.com. Also available at Noelani Boutique, 66-437 Kamehameha Highway, Hale‘iwa, 389-3709, and V Boutique, 67-106 Ke‘alohanui St., Waialua, 315-5961.


Photos by (c)vianajulia.com




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