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New, Pretty Vintage-inspired Surfboard Fins From Roam Hawaii and Island Fins

Fun fins to keep your surf style going swimmingly.


The following is a recording of the first minutes of a baby turtle's life on a remote beach on the North Shore during turtle hatching season.

Baby Turtle: What's happening? Where am I? What is this grainy stuff surrounding me? Better tunnel through it. Mmm, the air our here has a sharp taste that I'm going to call "salty." I like it. I feel like it's coming from that big blue thing up ahead.

Actually, that blue thing looks awesome. So nice and cool. Since all the other little green guys around me are toddling toward it (should I call them "toddles"?) on their flappy little appendages, I might as well follow.

These appendages are fun. I'll call them "fins." They certainly are nifty when I'm zipping through the blue thing. It's too bad they aren't very pretty. They're kind of ugly and wrinkly. I'd much rather have a cool, stylish looking fin—like that! What is that?

Teenage Turtle: It's a surfboard with a fin from the new collaboration between Island Fin Design Hawaii and Roam Hawaii! You'll look super sharp swimming around with those babies. They are all one-of-a-kind and handcrafted right down the beach, in Haleiwa. They come in two shapes and three eggstra-cute floral and paisley designs  made from local, vintage fabrics.

Baby Turtle: What a flippin' good look! Hey, What's that big black-and-white creature swimming toward me? Looks like he has fins too. I should tell him about the collab!

Teenage Turtle: Better swim clear. That's one shell shock you'll want to avoid.

$83–$88 each. Available at islandfindesign.com and roamhawaii.com.

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