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Malie Organics launches anti-aging collection

Tropical Smoothie


www.leichic.com If it weren’t for the abundance of aloha shirts, you’d never know you work on a tropical island. All you see from your windowless office is fluorescent light and a sad little potted plant.

Which means every weekend you like to indulge in a little sand, surf and… sun-damage? Even with that SPF 70 you slather on, your face is starting to resemble a gnarly lava field.

Instead of driving you indoors, let Mother Nature bring out the best in your skin. Malie Organics, the Kauai-based line of beatifully-scented soaps and body creams, just introduced a brand-new treatment that can help – the Organic Anti-Aging Firming Elasticity Cream. Like all Malie products, it’s made from only natural ingredients, but it packs a punch for lines and wrinkles thanks to the antioxidants from Hawaii-grown coffee plants.

Here’s how it works: The coffee plant naturally produces compounds to protect itself from harsh tropical rays. Malie harvests super-ripe coffee berries and extracts five different natural acids, like ferullic acid and caffeic acid. Those antioxidants are then blended into a luxuriously rich, thick crème that plumps up and repairs skin, soothes inflammation and helps your face return to its natural beauty.

Just what you need to perk up each day – a little coffee with your cream.

Malie Organics’ Organic Anti-Aging Firming Elasticity Cream is available for purchase via phone order at 866.767.5727 or online at www.maliekauai.com.

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