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Locally made Pualani Soap makes Etsy debut

Clean of Hearts


Pualani Soap

Today on "As the Shower Turns"...

Body wash: (Barges into the bathroom) What's going on here? I've been waiting for you all day, and now I catch you in the shower with (sputters) ... a bar?!

Girl: Hey, that bar has a name and it's Pualani Soap. We met at the Made in Hawaii Festival and it was love at first lather.

Body wash: How could you do this to me? I thought we were best suds!

Girl: We were! But then I discovered Pualani with her luxurious blend of coconut, jojoba and locally made kukui nut oils and local organic honey, handcrafted by Aoi Kawano in her Waialae Iki home. I tried to ignore her skin-nourishing essential oils, clay-based decorative swirls, and creamy, moisturizing finish, really, I did. But --

Body wash: Oh, just admit it. You were suckered in by those all-natural scents, like Sakura, made with real, salted cherry blossom petals, Hawaiian Sunshine with its invigorating orange and grapefruit essences, Deep Ocean Blue with refreshing Kona sea salt, and Plumeria's intoxicating 100-percent pure plumeria oil.

Girl: So what if I was? Kawano's been handcrafting soaps for friends and family for years, ever since she made them as wedding favors back in 2003. Now, she's finally going public with a brand-new Etsy shop - can you really blame me for that?

Pualani Soap Body wash: I suppose not, but I thought you preferred exclusive relationships. Are you telling me you won't share the love with mini shaped soaps that can be special ordered in adorable hearts, flowers, fish, and macarons, perfect for bridal or baby showers? Or pamper your pooch with an unscented Hawaiian Dog Spa Bar that leaves fur soft and smooth, created to treat Kawano's own dog's itchy, sensitive skin?

Girl: Are you kidding? Of course, I will - especially since her soaps are free of artificial ingredients and won't leave soap scum all over the shower and sink.

I don't want no scrub.

Pualani Soap is available for $8.50 each on Etsy. Email aoipualani@gmail.com and mention Lei Chic to score her special Made in Hawaii rates of 1 bar for $8, 2 for $15 and 3 for $21 through August 31.

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