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These 7 Hawai‘i Five-0 Super Fans Are Obsessed With Stars Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim

These Hawai‘i Five-0 fans traveled from nearby Kaimukī and as far as Queensland, Australia, to meet their television heroes.


Hawai‘i Five-0 actors Alex OLoughlin and Daniel Dae Kim greet their fans at the show’s season 5 premiere in Waikīkī. Click here to see more photos.
Photo: Ross D. Hamamura/SONY


Hawai‘i Five-0 fans flooded Waikīkī Beach from all over the world for the TV shows season 5 premiere on Sept. 13. Stars Alex OLoughlin and Daniel Dae Kim, took the stage to thank their fans for watching, helping the show hit its 100th episode milestone.

We talked to a few super fans who camped out overnight in Waikīkī, hoping for a glimpse of their favorite TV stars on the red carpet. The shows executive producer, Peter Lenkov, arrived five hours early to greet fans waiting in the hot sun.

 We wouldnt be here without them,”  Lenkov says. 

Find out what the super fans are thinking here!

1. Cathy Coburn

Cathy Colburn, Andrea McNelley and Kathy Bayne in Waikīkī for the Hawai‘i Five-0 Season 5 premiere.
Photos: Diane Lee

Age: Celebrating my Hawai‘i Five-0 birthday.

Where are you from: Connecticut

What brings you here: I came here to celebrate the 100th episode. It coincided with my birthday on Sept. 11, so I made a week out of it.

Birthday wish: My birthday wish is to get on set with the cast and crew.

Number of premieres attended: Two (attended the premiere in 2013).

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: I love [Steve] McGarrett and Danno. These two bicker to death, but they always have each others’ backs.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: I would tell him that he made me understand the value of the arts, because he brought such life into his characters.

Most prized possession: I won a signed script. But boy, if I could be inducted into Five-0—be able to flash the badge—I’d be so in! That’s my birthday wish: I want to be on Five-0! I’ll be an extra! I’ll do anything! I’ll stand next to a plant, I’ll be on a morgue table, it’s all good!


2. Lisa Woo

Age: 32

Where are you from: Kaimukī

What brings you here: I am a big Five-0 fan. I have been coming every year since season two.

Number of premieres attended: Four

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Alex or Ian Anthony Dale. He plays Kono’s boyfriend.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: I would just tell him thanks for doing great work and the fans support him. Hopefully, we can have a tweet-up with him one day.

Fan club: I run a page called H50hana.

Most prized possession: A signed script that I won at Sunset on the Beach [Season] 2, three years ago. They had a contest asking for posters and I had the biggest poster. It had our H50hana Facebook page and name on it.


3. Andie Bulley

Andie Bulley, left, with friends at the Sunset on the Beach premiere.

Age: 29

Where are you from: Queensland, Australia

What brings you here: I am here for the whole month, but Hawai‘i Five-0 is the reason Im here.

Number of premieres attended: Four

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Steve, because he is really interesting and has lots of layers.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: Keep it up. We love the show and keep going.

Most prized possession: Last year, I took a picture of a monk seal on the beach. Alex O’Loughlin signed the picture of the seal for me. It was funny, because it was a Hawaiian seal and he plays a SEAL from Hawai‘i.


4. Lesley Currie, 5. Lisa Fortenberry

Lesley Currie and Lisa Fortenberry are fans of actor Alex O’Loughlin.


Lesley Currie

Age: 59

Where are you from: Sacramento, Calif.

What brings you here: Five-0 and Alex. Alex and Five-0.

Number of premieres attended: Five. We’ve been here every year.

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Alex. He has absolute charisma. He seems like a very down-to-earth guy. All of us have been fans since he first hit TV. Our motto is wherever Alex goes, we follow. So whatever show he moves on to, if it’s not Five-0, well be following him there.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: I just want to tell him that he is an actors’ actor. We feel he gives everything for every performance, and we much appreciate his talent.

Fan club: Co-owner, Long Legs O’Loughlin (LLOL)

Most prized possession:  I had a picture taken with him in Los Angeles.


Lisa Fortenberry

Age: 60

Where are you from: Sherman Oaks, Calif.

What brings you here: I am an Alex fan and a Hawai‘i Five-0 fan.

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Alex. His expressions and eyes can speak dialogue he doesnt even have to say.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: Thank you for being so considerate and kind to his fans. 

Fan Club: Long Legs O’Loughlin (LLOL)

Most prized possession: A photo of Alex when he was awarded an award for breakout performance for Australians in Film. I’m hoping to get it signed.


6. Beth Arritt

Age: Im not telling.

Where are you from: Washington, D.C.

Number of premieres attended: Four

What brings you here: Getting to hang out with friends who love the show. Seeing friends I havent seen all year. Getting to see the cast and watching the [100th] episode. Getting to see it on the beach in Waikīkī.

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Steve. He is a really complicated character. I love the way he is written. Just how complex he is. Its just so hard to find good complex characters on TV.

If you could meet Alex O’Loughlin, what would you say to him: He is a great actor. He does such a fantastic job on the show.

Most prized possession: An autographed season finale (episode No. 422) script I just won. 


7. Edith Chan

Age: 25

Where are you from: Edmonton, Canada

Number of premieres attended: Two

Favorite Hawai‘i Five-0 character: Chin and Kono. Just being an Asian person, I love how they are portrayed. They’ve got really complex backgrounds, which I love and look forward to seeing more of.

If you could meet Daniel Dae Kim or Grace Park, what would you say to them:  Thank you for being awesome. And thank you for portraying Asian-Americans in such a positive and encouraging light.

Most prized possession: I got a signed script last year of the season 3 finale, and it was signed by the cast, too. I won it from a trivia on a question about Chin and Kono.


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