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HONOLULU Staff Favorites: Movies and TV Shows to Stream Online this Halloween

This year Halloween fatefully falls on a Wednesday. And after countless costume contests, themed cocktails, haunted houses and street parties, we’re happily planning on spending the night in ... wearing onesies, eating candy and streaming something spooky online.



(Amazon Prime)


“Who ya gonna call? The 1984 version of Ghostbusters film still inspires lots of laughs, group Halloween costumes, bad singing, nerd respect and more. Sure, it’s got that retro feel, and, of course, the giant Stay Puft marshmallow man. So, we say fork over a few more bucks to make it a doubleheader with the 2016 version dominated by female actresses with some other fun updates.”

Robbie Dingeman, editor at large



(Spectrum’s On Demand)

Halloweentown, the first one. I always wished there was a real-life version of Gort’s cottage where we could go to claim our lost belongings.”

Jayna Omaye, staff writer


Just Add Magic

(Amazon Prime)


“I don’t like scary movies. I was addicted to Charmed when it ran on the WB, at least the pre-Rose McGowan years, and I’ve gotten into watching Just Add Magic. Three girls discover a magic cookbook with a centuries-old mystery behind it. My daughter and I watch it together because it’s like Kids Baking Championship where the cakes make kids read minds, smarter or pro athletes.”

Christi Young, editorial director


Halloween Wars 

(Food Network)


“I’m not into horror at all, but I obsess over Food Network’s Halloween Wars every year. What these food artists come up with is nothing short of amazing. And, strangely enough, the gorier and grotesque, the better. I guess because I know I could eat it later.”

Catherine Toth Fox, food and dining editor


Jaws, The Witches, The Sixth Sense and Practical Magic  

(Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime)


I’ve been trying to find movies my 7 year old daughter can watch that are scary but also appropriate. So far had good luck with:

  1. Jaws She loved it and wasn’t all that scared by it. So we watched all three sequels. The first one she thought the shark was pretty rubber looking and not all that scary. 

  2. The Witches  The 90s one with Angelica Huston. Kid-level scary and still fun.

  3. The Sixth Sense  Had to pause and explain a few things along the way. But this is now her favorite movie! 

She has been begging to see It and Annabelle but I think those are too much just yet. We also watched Practical Magic last night – it was good. Little scary, but no cursing, nudity or gore.”

Alyson Helwagen, publisher


The Lair of the White Worm 

(Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix)


“Great English countryside movie with a 60s-sleazy cast of debauched aristocrats, frightening gamekeepers and the gorgeous Hugh Grant as Lord James D'Ampton, who’s got a very large, very white worm in the weeds to deal with as the week wears on ... It’s a Ken Russell film, folks! You'll either die screaming or die laughing.”

Don Wallace, senior editor


The Haunting of Hill House



“Sure, Netflix’s hot new show has a mansion filled with creepy dead people scaring the wits out of the sweet and beautiful Crain family. And yes, there are a lot of things that go bump in the night which will have you clinging to your dog if you binge-watch this alone in the dark like I did. But what truly makes The Haunting of Hill House great is the focus on how a family deals with the grief, trauma and ongoing survival after such an experience. To add to the gripping storyline and spot-on performances from the crazy goodlooking cast (seriously) are two captivating continuous long shots, which are delivered by the entire cast twice over in episode six.”

—Katie Kenny, digital editorial specialist



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