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HONOLULU Staff Picks: Chick-fil-A Will Open on Beretania Street and We’re Ready

Order up! The HONOLULU team shares what they’re most excited about when this national chain (who has been teasing us for a year) opens in Honolulu.


Chick fil a

Photo: Courtesy of CHICK-FIL-A


It’s the news chicken fans have been waiting for months to hear—where would Hawai‘i’s first Chick-fil-A set up shop? Hawai‘i News Now confirmed with the city that the fast-food chain filed for a permit to start construction at 1056 S. Beretania St., near the Honolulu Museum of Art. No word on when the Burger King there might close or when the Chick-fil-A might open, but our team is ready with orders. Here are our favs.


OG Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich


For those who know, it’s the No. 1. on the menu, also known as the Modern Classic. It’s a boneless chicken breast, hand-breaded and cooked in 100-percent refined peanut oil, tucked inside a soft, buttery bun with a hit of crunchy dill pickles for the perfect zing. It’s simple, but it’s sensational. This is important. Get it as a meal. The crisp yet pillowy waffle fries with the special Chick-fil-A sauce (think an all-in-one tangy, smoky, creamy, sweet dip) are a killer combo. We tried the Polynesian sauce, a neon-orange, tangy sweet-n-sour dressing and unfortunately, it did not wow our taste buds. My daughter claims the plump, meaty chick-n-strips is waaaaay better than other fast-food joints. (We won’t throw shade at them by name, but you know who they are.)Stacey Makiya, senior fashion editor


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Waffle Potato Fries and Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

$1.65 for the fries and $2.99 for milkshakes

Yaasss! Another place to indulge my #YOLO Friday cravings. I love the waffle potato fries and the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake!Jayna Omaye, staff writer



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Chicken Nuggets with a drink

Starting from $5.15

Number 3 meal, 12 piece with a lemonade and Chick-fil-A sauce babyyyyyyyy.–Donnie Ford, advertising executive


Chicken Nuggets with a side of ... Chicken Sandwich

Starting from $3.99 for the kid’s meal

I grew up eating Chick-fil-A in California and it was always the place to go after school in high school! I usually get an 8-count nugget meal with a lemonade and a Chick-fil-A sandwich on the side. Or if I’m not that hungry because I can never say no to Chick-fil-A, I’ll get the 6-count nugget kids meal (always with that awesome lemonade). Pro-tip: If you get a kids meal you can swap for some soft serve ice cream! And When I’m super hungry and flying back to Hawai‘i, I make sure to load up for the plane ride and get their 30-piece meal plus the Chick-fil-A sandwich. –Shelley Shiroma, associate art director



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Cow Commercials


I'd always spring for the eight-count nuggets with the zesty buffalo sauce and waffle fries. It's tasty, but I'm most excited about the commercials. If the Chick-fil-A cows start painting "Eat mor chikin" on walls around Honolulu—I'll even accept surfing cows in hula skirts and pineapples, I find them THAT funny—I'll lose it. And I can't wait until Cow Appreciation Day in July when people costume up for free chicken. —Christi Young, editorial director


Editor’s note: Prices have been taken from Chick-fil-A’s website.



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