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"Salaries" April 2010

Everyone wants to know what everyone else is making. Our reporters asked hundreds of people to find out the going rates on jobs in Honolulu, listing the salaries of 165 job titles.

I was reading your “Salaries” article and from my perspective (as assistant professor at UH Manoa) the information about professors is misleading. Yes, a full professor’s salary is in that range, but do most people understand what a “full” professor is? Assistant professors are not even close to making $70,000. In my case, my salary is $58,450. I think a more representative sample of the salaries of other university faculty would present a more realistic truth.



“People, please.
We’re trying to run a civilization here.”

Our top-viewed stories this month at honolulumagazine.com were a mixed bag. 

A. Kam Napier’s Editor’s Page on climate change, “May Cooler Heads Prevail.”

“Mint Condition,” Kathryn Drury Wagner’s Afterthoughts on the stash of 70-year-old quarters she found.

Michael Keany blogs about
“The Next Horrible Shoe Fad,”  biological-looking toe-shoes.

"Crisis Court" March 2010

Writer Jana Wolff gained special access to watch proceedings at Oahu’s Family Court of the First Circuit.  

Great article on a very sad state of affairs. The author brings you right there with her skillful, heartfelt writing—so many examples were brought into the piece. Thanks to the magazine and the system for allowing her in so that we, too, may have a better sense of the plight of our families. I will keep all involved in my heart. Mahalo.


"Best of HONOLULU" March 2010

“I’d like to see Tropilicious ice cream and sorbet in there somewhere. That company is locally connected and after a decade it is really delivering the taste of Hawaii from a factory in Honolulu to nearly all restaurants and retail outlets. Go Tropilicious.”

-AN ONLINE COMMENT. For more of our Best of  HONOLULU, visit here.


 "McGarrett's Makeover" April 2010

“What a great idea. I’d love to see Hawaii Five-O back so I could see paradise more often. While we are at it, how about Magnum P.I.? Tom Selleck keeps getting better looking with age. I want all the Hawaii I can get.”  



Ahana koko lele

In our “Salaries” feature in April, an O-3, U.S. Navy lieutenant makes $5,955.60 per month.


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