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18 Popular Hawai‘i Photos Every Local Has Instagrammed

We bet we know what your Insta-feed looks like. No shame—ours looks the same.


1. Legs hanging off the roof at the Lanikai Pillbox hike.


A post shared by mc. (@imchelle) on

Are you really local if you haven’t taken a picture like this? 


2. Modeling in front of a mural at Our Kaka‘ako.


A post shared by The Mural Momma (@themuralmomma) on

Because you’re the real work of art here (although, maybe not half as cute as this baby).


3. Half your feed is pictures of shave ice.


A post shared by Gary Nakamura (@gngeek) on

Gotta be from Waiola.


4. And poke bowls.


A post shared by Ate Oh Ate Plates (@ateohateplates) on

Extra points if the picture was taken at the beach to make your Mainland friends jealous.


5. This view of the island from a plane window.


A post shared by Andrea Mendoza (@annbilly) on

We love coming home to this.


6. Casually chillin’ at the Pali Puka. 


A post shared by Aubree S 💯 (@aubreezyshipman) on

Not like it’s super windy or anything. #NBD.


7. Will we ever stop being in awe of the Hawai‘i Theatre?

Nope. Still in awe.


8. Photo shoots at the Makai Research Pier.

Senior photos, engagement shoots, family portraits ... best. backdrop. ever. 


9. Poi mochi doughnuts from Liliha Bakery.


A post shared by Catherine Toth Fox (@catherinetoth) on

We STILL can’t get enough of them.


10. Chasing waterfalls.


A post shared by [ D R E W ] (@drewbikscube) on

We might not always like the rain, but rainy days make the best waterfalls.


11. The Koko Crater stairs of doom.


A post shared by AnastasiaDevoti (@hangloosemauii) on

You totally deserve bragging rights if you make it up the 1,048 steps to the top.


12. Venturing to the windward side for the Byodo-In Temple.

When townies remember there’s more to the island than just Honolulu.


13. When you take a break from shave ice to eat an acai bowl.


A post shared by EVERYTHING INTERSECTS (@l_ortizzle) on

And you get it from Diamond Head Cove Health Bar, of course.


14. Rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.


A post shared by Olivia Marie (@olivia_marie808) on

Even better when it’s a double rainbow.


15. And, of course, sunsets.


A post shared by Katrina Valcourt (@heykatrinajoy) on

Especially when it’s voggy.


16. The dead man’s catwalk


A post shared by nick halden (@nickhaldentravel) on

Until they closed it, that is.


17. Plate lunch from Rainbow Drive-In. 


A post shared by Riana Stellburg (@tittahbyte) on

Shoyu chicken. Loco moco. Whatever it was, you destroyed it two seconds later.


18. Your view at the beach.


A post shared by Nicole Alvarez (@hellcat808) on

Are they hot dogs or your legs? Nobody knows. 


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