February 2010

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Best Dentists in Hawaii 2010

HONOLULU Magazine helps you find the dentist you need, whether for a routine checkup or more specialized work, by presenting this list of 234 top dentists in the Islands. They come highly recommended—by other dentists who know their work best.

Astounding Honolulu

Weird, strange and intriguing things you didn't know about our Islands.

Our Geniuses

They give voice to paralyzed patients, detect exotic particles, solve mathematical conundrums and more. You can even blame one of them for all the hours you spent playing Tetris. Meet eight Islanders who are, quite simply, geniuses.

On the Blink

Honolulu is full of amazing, historic neon. Some of it isn’t in such great shape anymore.
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Web Exclusive: Things to Do on Valentine's Day

Web Exclusive: Ha at the Polynesian Cultural Center is Worth the Trip

Web Exclusive: Mardi Gras Menu at Dixie Grill

Dining: Two at the Top: Then and Now

Revisiting the classics.

Afterthoughts: We Know the Drill

Why have fear-mongers won an important public-health debate?

From Our Files

Field Guide: Wilder Ave.

This street may look residential upon first glance, but it’s spotted with unique businesses.

Cache Me If You Can

Geocaching, a high-tech game of hide and seek, isn’t just for geeks or GPS junkies.

Facing Future

CD Reviews: Waipuna and Uluwehi Guerrero

Twelve by Two

Two artists chase down one fleeting moment of beauty per month, for a year.

TAG Sets the Stage

African-American plays are rarely performed in Honolulu. The Actors’ Group is changing that—and finding box-office success.

Things to Do in February in Hawaii

Watanabe Floral


Editor's Page: May Cooler Heads Prevail

Climate-change scientists—so serious, so sincere, so ... scandalous?
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