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Half-off fried chicken at Max's Restaurant


Courtesy of Max's Restaurant

The House That Fried Chicken Built, aka Max's of Manila, celebrates its 67th anniversary with half off its whole fried chicken on October 16. I'll probably be at the Dillingham location (perfect stop pre- or post-HIFF) for some of this chicken, which is more like a roast chicken with all-over perfectly crispy skin than it is a breaded and fried specimen. It's good stuff. If you haven't yet, try Max's banana ketchup—like the tomato version, but with bananas and even sweeter. (Supposedly, it was created in the Philippines during World War II when bananas were more plentiful than tomatoes.) I still prefer my Adoboloco, but the banana ketchup is worth a taste, if only for novelty.

Closing out the meal with Max's halo halo is a must—a sundae bowl of shave ice soaked with evaporated milk and accompanied by jellies of every color, custard, purple yam ice cream, sweetened red beans and cornflakes. It's perfect.

Half-off fried chicken on Tuesday, October 16, Max's of Manila, 801 Dillingham Blvd. (in the Costco Iwilei complex) and 94-300 Farrington Highway, Waipahu, 951-6297, maxschicken.com

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