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New: Tea Farm Cafe


Photo by Martha Cheng

Tea varieties at Tea Farm Cafe

The choice at Tea Farm Cafe isn’t between coffee or tea, it’s between tea or tea … 50 varieties of them. Jars of tea line the shelves as if at a perfume counter; sniff each to help you choose among jasmine dragon pearl green tea, lapsang souchoung black tea, white peony tea or rooibus. To make the decision even harder, you can also combine teas: say lavender with Earl Grey, chamomile with puerh. But go ahead and smell the teas in this modern Zen bright white space and then sit down to enjoy a cup ($2.75). The cup itself is of nifty design—when your tea leaves finish steeping, the flipped-over lid acts as a saucer, saving your tea leaves for a refill. (The teacup is also for sale for $25). There are obviously many teas to try, but you might start with the blooming tea, which starts as a single ball, and unfolds into a flower, for a pretty pot of tea.

Food items are just ok, basic sandwiches ($6.95): cold cuts with American cheese, iceberg lettuce, mustard and mayo on sliced bread.

2600 S. King St. 106, 945-2679, theteafarm.com/cafe.asp

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