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Opening soon: Pint and Jigger


Courtesy of Pint and Jigger

[Correction 7/16: Schwalbenitz is not a part of Pint and Jigger. At first, he considered being a partner, but is now an informal consultant.]

Opening next Thursday: Pint and Jigger, whose partners include Dave Newman, bar manager of Nobu (for a few more days, at least), and Jonathan Schwalbenitz, ending his 21-year stint as bartender at Murphy's.

With two such heavy hitters in Honolulu's bar scene, suffice it to say that the bar community is buzzing.

Newman and Schwalbenitz have already been dubbed "Mr. Jigger" and "Mr. Pint," respectively, despite the fact that Newman admits to never actually using a jigger, that cocktail measuring tool. Mr. Jigger is promising a rotating, seasonal cocktail menu, as well as three or four "house favorites" that will probably include Newman's best margarita winner, the Smoking Gun, featuring a homemade mac nut liqueur, blood orange and lilikoi juice, with a smoked-mac-nut rim.

In Mr. Pint's realm, there will be 21 beers on tap, featuring local, seasonal and craft beers, such as De Molen's Cease and Desist Imperial Stout, along with 50 varieties of bottled beer to start. The beer menu will be broken into the following categories, in the following order: "Beer" (which might have Heineken and the like), Beers That Don't Suck, and Ridiculously Good Beers.

"We're embracing the fact that there are other beers to drink," Newman says. "Craft beers have absolutely exploded around the country. People are more concerned with what they're drinking and eating."

So what's to eat? Newman wants you to know about the Scotch egg that will be on the menu, an egg wrapped in pork and deep-fried. "You literally take a bite of that, the Scotch egg, and you say, All I want in my life right now is a beer," he says. The menu is "definitely heavy." Even the strawberries are wrapped in bacon. All the better to drink with, Pint and Jigger hopes.

[For more on Pint and Jigger and other new craft beer bars, check out our print feature: Ale-oha!]

Opens Thursday, 1936 S King St., 744-9593

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