Regal Bakery doughnuts now in town at McCully Shopping Center


Regal Bakery doughnuts are now in town! Find them in Regal Diner in McCully Shopping Center. You don't have to drive out to the airport anymore for the doughnuts we highlighted in our Sweet Treats issue—yeast doughnuts topped with maple and bacon and cake doughnuts that come in flavors of green tea, vanilla crunch (topped with cornflakes), and "Da Kreyz," in which creme brûlée meets doughnut.

My favorite ones, though, are the classics: double chocolate, vanilla with sprinkles, and an old-fashioned style doughnut made with buttermilk, featuring a tender crumb and craggy, crisp edges. The green tea, which comes in two forms—powdered and glazed with green tea filling—lacks green tea flavor, and the maple bacon is not as good as I wanted it to be.

The doughnuts are actually made onsite, as opposed to being delivered from the airport location.

Regal Diner, McCully Shopping Center, 1960 Kapiolani Boulevard, 941-3883

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