Moved: So Gong Dong, a Korean restaurant in Honolulu where soon dubu stars


This is soon dubu weather. After spending an afternoon blown about by the wind and rain like a soggy duck, what I wanted most was that Korean tofu stew, red and spicy, brimming with custardy tofu, and which, at good places, will arrive at the table still at a rolling boil in a blazing hot clay pot.

It seemed a perfect time to check out So Gong Dong, which recently moved from McCully shopping center to a corner on Keeaumoku and Makaloa. We came for soon dubu, but we went all out with the Sogongdong special, the quantity of which is useful if you’re looking to put on an insulating layer before hibernation.

The spread: soon dubu, kalbi, seafood pancake, spicy raw crab, broiled yellow corvina and banchan. It is a set for two, but all of it doesn’t fit on a table for two, not without stacking banchan and holding the broiled fish plate in one hand and eating with the other. The highlights: seafood pancake, crispy-edged and as wide as a pizza; and the soon dubu, which comes with a raw egg that you immediately crack into the clay pot and stir in to thicken the stew.

The soon dubu is really the star at So Gong Dong, so you need not deviate from that, but anything else you order will not dissipate the warm glow achieved from that spicy, comforting stew.

$8.45 for soon dubu to $47.95 for Sogongdong special (feeds at least two)
627 Keeaumoku St., 946-8206

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