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Rico Rico Peruvian chicken restaurant


Rico Rico Chicken

Huli huli chicken, done up Peruvian-style, what’s not to love? Rico Rico Chicken, formerly a mobile rotisserie unit roving from Kapahulu to King, has set up permanent shop in the former HK’s Restaurant on Coolidge and King. At present, though, that spacious kitchen lies largely unused—the chicken still comes out of the rotisserie trailer parked out back, while the full kitchen is used mostly to fry up the fries. Definitely get an order of these, sprinkled with what might be crack—they’re addictive in the way barbecue chips are—salty with just a smidge of sweet that makes you desperate for more. The chicken is roasted over charcoal and wood, but remains moist and tender. It comes with a side of aji amarillo mayo (dear Yelpers, it’s not mustard), that’s got just a bit of heat. Not that the chicken needs extra flavor; it’s generously seasoned with cumin, garlic, lime and salt. Owner Carlos Jimenez, originally from Lima, Peru, plans on adding some more sauces later, perhaps a traditional one with huacatay.

Currently, the menu is simple: chicken available as a quarter, half or whole ($5.99, $8.99, $14.99), and a handful of sides (fries, beans, coleslaw, Peruvian rice). It’s all you need.

Rico Rico Chicken, 946 Coolidge St., 383-9179

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