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The Ultimate Japanese Food Guide: Goma Tei versus Goma Ichi


Left: Goma Tei's char siu tan tan ramen, right: Goma Ichi's zasai tan tan ramen. Photos by Olivier Koning.

In this month's cover story, The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Food, we round up our favorite bowls of ramen and touch on one of the biggest debates in Honolulu's ramen-verse: Goma Ichi or Goma Tei?

We asked some chefs which they preferred:

Colin Hazama, chef at Sheraton Waikiki: Goma Tei. “The broth is a lot richer and packed with flavor, and the char siu pork is very tender.”
Chris Kajioka, chef at Vintage Cave: Goma Ichi. "The broth has a cleaner taste."
Robin Lee, previously chef at Nobu Waikiki: Goma Tei. "The broth has a little more flavor."
Mark Noguchi, chef/owner Pili Hawaii: Goma Tei. "The way they make their char siu is pretty f---ing yummy."
Roy Yamaguchi, Roy’s Restaurants: Goma Ichi. “I like the set up. I've always felt better when I left there. I thought the flavors were bolder.”

Which do you prefer?

And if you want to know why are Goma Ichi and Goma Tei so similar anyway, see our ramen writeup from the magazine and pick up the full guide on newsstands now.

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