You've Got Nail

Lots of good things last just a few days. The post-facial glow. The box of Girl Scout cookies. Your paycheck.

And, sadly, your manicure.

But pro surfer Emilia Perry is an expert in making short-lived fun – like riding waves – last longer. She also knows how to make a perfect manicure last for weeks – at the North Shore’s Atlantis Salon, Perry is the only manicurist on the island who does Minx Nails, a new polish alternative that heat bonds a super-thin film of color to your nails.

It comes in the standard reds, pinks and mauves, but you can get a Minx coat in all kinds of patterns, from fishnet and cheetah to hibiscus aloha print. There’s a chrome silver and a true metallic gold too.

Unlike polish, Minx doesn’t chip or peel, ever. And its dries instantly. Which means your salon visit won’t last more than a half hour.

And you’ll have nothing but time on your hands.

Emilia Perry does Minx manicures at Salon Atlantis, 66-145 Kamehameha Hwy, #5A, Hale‘iwa, 808.637.2511. Minx Nails are also available at North Shore Nails , 66-560 Kamehameha Hwy, Hale‘iwa. 808.699.6128. Check out all the colors and patterns at