Your Main Tweeze

www.leichic.comYou learned it the hard way: too much (or not enough) plucking and waxing are your arch enemies.

But you have an ally in eyebrow guru Rene Rodriguez. He reshapes brows to make subtle – but noticeable – changes that can make your eyes look more open, emphasize your best features and even make your face look a bit younger.

Rodriguez approaches brow shaping like a haircut (which it is, essentially) and has his clients sit upright in a chair as he wields tweezers and mini-scissors with precision. Before he starts, he’ll sketch out the arch shape he’s aiming for. He plucks and snips, and often stands back to size up the progress like a painter standing back from a portrait.

He’s so painstaking, the sessions take about an hour to achieve two perfect brows.

So cancel the wax appointment.
Looks like your pluck’s about to change.

Eyebrow shaping by Rene Rodriguez, Image Beauty Emporium & Salon, 31 N. King Street, Chinatown, 808.392.3976.