You’ll Go Nuts for This Coconut-Oil-Based Skincare Product

Dousing ourselves with these sounds pretty delicious to us.


You can take the girl outta Hawai‘i, but you can’t take the Hawai‘i outta the girl—or off the girl in the case of Kiana Cabell, whose Island childhood made her crazy for the beauty benefits of coconut oil. Though she’s relocated to the Mainland, she can’t stop slathering the stuff on her skin. We hear ya, girl.


In fact, Cabell’s milking her obsession for all it’s worth by teaming up with health entrepreneur James Brennan and beauty retailer Bryce Goldman for a coconut skincare collab that’s super coolada. Take a taste of Kopari, a collection of coconut-oil-based products that launched at the end of last year. In a nutshell: The brand harnesses the fruit’s antiaging, antibacterial and healing properties in the form of multipurpose and accessible beauty blends that will be low-hanging fruit for beach babes everywhere.


Moisture is the name of the game for these four nutty concoctions. The pot of organic coconut melt can go from skin to hair as everything from deep-conditioner to eye cream. Coconut sheer oil is a lighter dose of dewiness, designed for daily moisturizing, treating split ends and taming flyaways. Look to the tube of soothing coconut balm as an aftersun treatment or panacea for cracked heels and super dry skin. Or, highlight things up with the shimmering coconut body glow, which pairs nourishment with pearlescent minerals.


The products use 100-percent organic and sustainable oil from the Philippines and are free of sulphates, silicones, parabens and GMOs. You’ll find other all-natural goodies inside as well, such as aloe vera tea leaf extract, beeswax and cocoa seed butter. All blended in with that husky tropical scent we’re totally nuts for.


Haupia could we resist?