You Hungary?

Lei ChicIt's been a marathon shopping session.

What little jingle bell spirit you had this morning disappeared somewhere between fighting for parking and getting stuck at the register behind the one person in the world who still writes checks.

Forget St. Nick. Right about now, you badly need a visit from St. Snack.Take a lesson from Rudolph, and let your nose guide you toward the glorious scent of the shopping center’s newest food vendor, Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes Hawaii.

A popular street treat in Budapest (located in the Hungary-est country of all) the confection's name comes from its unique spiral-tube shape. Using a tapered metal rod the cakes are cooked over an open flame, giving them both a chimney-like appearance and a slightly smoky flavor. Each cake is hand-shaped by Zsoli himself, a former Hungarian pro paddler who came to Hawai‘i for a race and never left.

With delicious topping options, like cinnamon and sugar, pecan, and chocolate sprinkles, the doughy treats are the perfect sweet relief from all that mall madness.

Because let’s face it, if you’re stuck playing Santa and buying all the gifts, you might as well enjoy a little chimney time.

Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes Hawaii is open seven days a week through the month of December at Ala Moana Center on street level in front of Slipper House. For more info, email, call 808.631.8070 or click here.