You Can Now Take Monthly Cooking Classes at BLT Steak in Waikīkī

Want to make your own popovers, grill fish like a pro? BLT Steak's cooking classes will show you how, and feed you a nice lunch.
BLT Steak
BLT Steak's Johan Svensson holds monthly cooking classes at BLT Steak, Trump International Waikiki.
Photos: David Croxford

This month, BLT Chef Johan Svensson kicks off his second series of cooking classes at BLT Steak, Trump International Waikiki.  And he’s starting this series with the restaurant's noted popovers.


Svensson is an enthusiastic teacher, as we learned a few months ago when we dropped into one of his classes in BLT’s gleaming stainless steel kitchen.


That class was on cooking steak. We not only learned great deal about trimming steaks, grilling, buying inexpensive cuts that taste good, but we then sat down to one of the most sumptuous lunches we’ve ever had, with most of BLT’s menu and bottles upon bottles of house wine.


For lunch, Svensson prepares whatever the day’s lesson is. But doesn't stop there. As one of the BLT managers puts it, “Johan gets excited and the food just starts coming out.” We weren’t hungry again until the next day.

  BLT Popovers


This month’s class is Saturday, Mar. 19, noon to 2:30 p.m. It starts with the restaurant’s by now well-known giant popovers (above) and then goes on to making desserts, like BLT’s version of S'Mores (right).

  BLT Steak

For this class, Svensson will have the assistance of BLT executive pastry chef, Laura Palace, who’s the one who turns out popovers and desserts on a nightly basis.


Classes are $65, and are limited to 15 people, so call for reservations: (808) 683-7440


Monthly classes continue monthly into the Fall. Here’s the schedule:

  • March 19: The art of making popovers and desserts

  • April 16: Cooking large vs. small fish, cleaning, handling and filleting fish at home

  • May 21: Grilling and barbecuing meats

  • June 18: Summer desserts, including homemade ice cream

  • July 16: Grilling shellfish and shucking oysters, with champagne and white wine pairings. (This one is an in-kitchen demo and tasting, $95 per person)

  • August 20: How to make tartares: steak, ahi, salmon, yellowtail and tomato

  • September 17: Quick lunches with Island ingredients and a reprise on the art of making popovers

  • October 15: Cooking bone-in cuts of meat


BLT Steak, Trump International Hotel, Waikiki Beach Walk, 223 Saratoga Rd., 
(808) 683-7440,