Yes, That Big Red Box in Honolulu’s Chinatown (and Waikīkī) is Talking to You



Don’t be startled if you hear Mayor Kirk Caldwell yell, “Aloha!” out of a tall red box at the corner of Nu‘uanu Avenue and South King Street. The box is one of two new Smart Street Lighting kiosks on O‘ahu (the other is in Waikīkī). From the screen’s main menu, you can find nearby restaurants and attractions, or take a selfie and email it to yourself. There’s also a red button that connects you to a police officer.


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The kiosk also brightens the streetlight it’s attached to when people are around and has a 24-hour surveillance camera. Plus, it can connect people to substance treatment and hygiene services, emergency shelters and outreach centers listed on the kiosk screen’s map.


So next time you’re in Chinatown, stop by and give Caldwell an “aloha.”